Why WiseTech Global

WiseTech Global has a wealth of experience assisting logistics companies around the globe in identifying, creating, and leveraging competitive advantages through utilization of scalable technology solutions. Our purpose is to improve their visibility, efficiency, and quality of service while simultaneously reducing operating costs and increasing profitability.

CargoWise One is a highly flexible, deeply integrated, enterprise-class system that streamlines the operations, accounts, and management of freight forwarders, NVOCCs, customs brokers, depots, container freight stations, warehouses, trucking companies, and ships agencies, automating and integrating the vital operations of supply chain service providers across the world.


Powerful productivity

CargoWise One puts productivity at the center of everything you do. Its single-platform system gives you high levels of automation and visibility. It streamlines processes throughout your business. CargoWise One can reduce margins of error. Data only needs to be keyed once and it becomes accessible across your worldwide operations. CargoWise One is an efficient solution for simplifying the supply chain.

Industry-wide functionality

CargoWise One features broad functional capabilities and industry-wide applications. It features a complete suite of integrated enterprise resource planning applications. CargoWise One meets the horizontal and vertical demands of the logistics industry. Its functions scale to individual business demands. It is used by major multinationals, as well as small business operations. CargoWise One’s modular system allows you to choose the applications your business needs. The system can scale with your business while it grows.

Deep-seated integration

CargoWise One provides you with comprehensive vertical and horizontal integration. You can integrate your business with key vertical markets in the supply chain. At the same time, processes across your global operations can be integrated using CargoWise One. The platform also features tightly integrated horizontal modules. These include everything from accounting to land-transport management.

Cross-border compliance

CargoWise One offers compliance capabilities that let you focus on business, not borders. It provides the tools to achieve quicker, simpler, more efficient customs clearance. It can also provide greater visibility between you, your partners, customers, and authorities. The platform provides access to integrated online tariff classification tools. With CargoWise One, you also have access to the network of WiseTech Global partners, who can help navigate the myriad regional regulations. CargoWise One ensures full compliance with customs requirements across the world's leading markets.

True global reach

CargoWise One is an integral link in the global supply chain. It executes more than 54 billion data transactions annually. Our customers include more than 12,000 of the world's logistics execution companies across 130 countries. Thirty-eight of the top 50 global third-party logistics providers are our customers, as are every one of the 25 largest global freight forwarders. CargoWise One customers can facilitate business through a growing community of logistics providers. With interfaces to external parties, customers, and other industry providers, CargoWise One puts your global connections within easy reach.

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Company Credo

Our core values are the foundation of our culture. They are our deeply held beliefs, highest priorities, and the fundamental forces that drive our actions.