Meet the Content Team

Meet the Content Team

We are the wordsmiths, the video ninjas, the pixel wizards, the keyframe specialists. The Content Team comes up with creative ways to express who we are and what we do. (You can say writers, videographers, designers, and animators, if you prefer.) Titles are the badges we might have worn to the interview, but we learned to leave those at the back of our desk drawers on day one.

The Content Team supports all areas of the business at WiseTech Global. From week to week, the content that crosses our desks helps the company announce new developments, market our products, satisfy our customers, and even train our users. There’s always something unique about our software, our company, our industry to explore and express through creative lenses and different media. Working on the Content Team makes every day a new experience.

Our jobs take us beyond our titles. You may join the Content Team with a specialty, but because you’re interacting with other creative types day-in and day-out, you’ll soon find yourself picking up new skills, talents, and expertise. There’s no better way to say it: being a part of the team will make you better.

Everyone on the Content Team has something to contribute. Creative insight, constructive criticism, and an overabundance of candy (seriously!), we work closely together on a daily basis. When you mix personality with creativity, you’re bound to get something exciting. We’re a diverse group, bringing together a perfect blend of backgrounds and tastes, and whether through pre-planned chaos or spontaneous structure, we put things together that turn out amazing. From the drawing board to the final delivery, our content is created, scrutinized, beaten, blasted, rebuilt, tightened, polished, and ready to go.

There are no people managing people on the Content Team. We trust and respect each other’s abilities as creative people, but we’re also not afraid to acknowledge and respect our limitations. No one works in isolation, crunching projects all by themselves. We share a vision, we collaborate, and we work together so that we all become better at what we do. After a month, a week, maybe even a day, you’ll consider us close friends and family.

Whether it’s break time or beer o’clock, you’re guaranteed there will always be something to talk about with the Content Team. You can debate the merits of craft brews, assess the value of local over licensed pizza parlors, or engage in battle through a video game console or across the ping pong table. There’s always a spontaneous combustion of activity.

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