Global Container Tracking

Automatic, near real-time updates on your cargo, so you can proactively manage exceptions to save time and money

In our fiercely competitive market, lack of visibility around your cargo is not an option – but visibility comes at a price: time and resources.

It currently involves burning through cash and hours of manpower calling carriers, checking schedules, and endlessly trying to reactively manage issues with limited success.

How Global Container Tracking can help

A module within CargoWise One, Global Container Tracking helps you manage your cargo by:

  • Automatically pulling near real-time information about your cargo every step of the way, eliminating costly manual processes
  • Providing accurate and timely information that allows you to proactively manage exceptions, reduce fines and extra costs, and keep your clients up-to-date.

Tracking 95% of vessels at sea and all major air cargo carriers, Global Container Tracking gives you and your team the advantage and confidence needed to exceed customer expectations.

Global Container Tracking lets you know where your cargo is throughout its journey, sending you automated alerts when important events are missed. This leaves you to plan ahead, save money, and increase productivity.

Just turn the module on and watch the information flow in.

How it works

Industry Data Streams

Consolidating dozens of data streams from carriers across multiple technology systems into our WiseCloud network, Global Container Tracking gives you exposure to well-defined, structured data in a user-friendly interface.

Through proprietary methods involving advanced data analysis, it obtains the most detailed and accurate view from the incoming data streams.

From the moment you register a booking or shipment, your near real-time cargo tracking is set in motion automatically.

Register booking, declaration, shipment, container or master bill in the system

Data is automatically submitted to the Global Tracking service which gathers all data and status updates

Triggers alert staff, agents, customs brokers, inland service providers, or customers of actual or estimated container movements or exceptions

You proactively manage exceptions and stakeholders

Improve efficiencies and save money through automated tracking and real-time visibility. Get started with CargoWise One’s Global Container Tracking now.

Already a CargoWise One client? Find out how you can enable the Global Tracking functionality now!


Global Container Tracking Overview

Mike DeAngelis and Angela Gadaev introduce Global Container Tracking, a new CargoWise One module that allows you to automatically track every ocean booking, master bill, and container registered in the system. Spend less time searching carrier sites, and more time delighting your customers.


How Global Container Tracking Works

This video covers global container tracking through CargoWise One.

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