CargoWise Education Partner

The CargoWise Education Partner Program is a long-standing effort to support technology education for a more productive, integrated, and compliant logistics industry.

The program gives educational institutions (Universities, Technical Colleges, and RTOs) and training providers access to CargoWise One for educators and students, and it allows integration of CargoWise One into their curriculum. With open access to the complete CargoWise One system and comprehensive eLearning material, teachers can emulate the ‘live’ supply chain in the classroom. CargoWise Education Partner students have access to a virtual logistics environment that simulates the entire spectrum of supply chain operations, from origin to destination.

Students participating in the CargoWise Education Program courses have the opportunity to learn and develop real-world operational skills in CargoWise One, gaining practical working knowledge of the industry’s documentation, reporting, and compliance requirements while completing their course of study.

CargoWise Education Partners receive, at no cost:

  • Software licenses for instructors and students
  • Certification training for instructors
  • Access to comprehensive online-based training materials for instructors and students, including our library of thousands of training videos
  • Ability to issue CargoWise One product training certificates to students
  • Listing in the CargoWise Education Partner directory as an institution using CargoWise One in curriculum or training

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