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ABC Kings

ABC kings is a teaching and training organisation focused on academic initiatives, business thought leadership, collaborative relationship to advance people capital in the international logistical value chain.

We deliver convenience and lessen the time away from work by providing workplace training.  Our teaching and training focuses on employability (i.e. personal development; doing value creating work; purposeful learning soft, hard, technical and transferable skills; and enhancing the ability to shape work in the future).

Delays, undue costs and/or penalties are some of the problems associated with customs clearances.  Customs liabilities accrued over a period of time can result in significant financial exposure.  We therefore empower frontline employees (people that have the quickest possible reaction time to a risk) with KNOW-HOW to manage uncertainty in their tasks.   We focus on improving performance, building capacity and creating talent pool.

Joined: September 22, 2016

Certified Professionals: 2

Certified Level

CargoWise Certified Professional

Certified Competencies: CRM & Tariff Management, Finance & Accounting, Forwarding, Generic Customs, Liner / Agency, Setup & Maintenance of Workflow, Customize Documents & System Configuration, Transport, Warehouse

Languages Supported: English

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