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ViAGO International Limited

ViAGO International specialises in workflow productivity and PAVE implementations. Our productivity solutions increase teamwork, inter-team and inter-branch co-operation, job efficiency, and create workforce flexibility.

We deliver this through visualising the workflows in real time and having controlled escalation procedures to prevent fires before they start.

For over 20 years we have been implementing workflow productivity solutions in Logistics, and many other industries. Our consultants are experts in the analysis, solution, planning, and implementation processes from the Black Belt in Thinking training.

Combining our workflow productivity experience with our consulting processes we implement fast and reliable change projects supported strongly with software.

We also provide education and training in both our workflow productivity and consulting processes.

Certified Level

CargoWise Certified Operator

Certified Competencies: CRM & Tariff Management, Finance & Accounting

Languages Supported: English

Regions of Operation: Asia/Oceania

Office Locations
+64 21 1270142

Contact Information

+61 02 800 35352

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