Meeting complex regional compliance requirements is a great challenge for global logistics businesses. CargoWise One can help supply-chain businesses overcome this challenge. It can facilitate integrations with many customs jurisdictions around the world.


CargoWise One monitors reference sources from many customs jurisdictions. It is always up to date with ever-changing duties and reporting requirements. The single platform system maintains a global client product database. You can link your database with relevant jurisdictions to ensure global compliance.

CargoWise One connects your business directly with various customs authorities. The module is an easy-to-use tool that helps ensure compliance with myriad customs requirements.

Data collection and automation

CargoWise One can handle everything from the simplest one-line entry to the most complex scenarios. It compiles customs-related data across all your operations, minimizing unnecessary re-keying. The system provides a configurable automation engine that makes many common functions automatic.

Operational integration

CargoWise One is an environment of integrated enterprise resource planning applications. It integrates forwarding, costing, and invoicing requirements into one multi-layered form. The environment allows you to create and send many types of declarations. It automatically links these declarations to shipment details within the system.

Tariff classification

CargoWise One is fully integrated with BorderWise, a comprehensive tariff classification tool. BorderWise includes tariff chapter and section notes, and binding ruling information. It also includes a library of countervailing and anti-dumping cases. Its libraries also include related government requirements and duty rate information.

BorderWise has a keyword search function which enables easy access to the information you need. CargoWise One is an import-export solution that ensures compliance.

Customs Clearance Overview

CargoWise One helps to remove the complexity of customs clearance, and keeps you in-line with geo-compliance.

Productivity Overview

A brief overview of the ways that CargoWise One makes your logistics operations more productive.

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