Geo Compliance

Geo Compliance

CargoWise One helps global businesses operate within the laws of countries around the world.


CargoWise One can produce documents in more than 30 major languages. Users can manage and adapt these documents to include localized terms. Also CargoWise One's interface is available in several languages.


CargoWise One’s geo-compliance capabilities allow businesses to comply with local tax laws.

CargoWise One adheres to tax rates and default rules, invoice layout and numbering rules and ensures your data is safe and available whenever you need it. The system manages essential requirements such as VAT compliance, withholding tax, and other general procedures.

CargoWise One includes a fully automated tax-determination engine that uses data already in the system. This engine determines the type of tax that should apply, the rate of tax, sub-class of tax and any required invoice explanations for the relevant jurisdiction.


CargoWise One’s accounting compliance capabilities are built as global architectures, so they are adapted to suit local needs.

The system automatically classifies invoices according to local rules for many countries and provides separate number sequences for these special invoice sub-classifications.

In addition, the system has inbuilt fiscal reporting for several countries, based on the data already entered via the operations job, the tax determination, and automatic document classification systems.

CargoWise One's Netting Center combines multiple transactions into one net payment stream and automates the time-intensive, manual process of matching balances and reconciling invoices.


Supply-chain security is a serious matter. The penalties for moving cargo on behalf of black-listed companies can devastate your business.

Security is a top priority for CargoWise One. The system allows users to screen clients and vessels against more than 150 watch lists, from the EU’s list of banned ships to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list. If it detects a match, the system will issue an alert.

Geo Compliance Overview

CargoWise One’s powerful, integrated capabilities take the complexities out of Geo Compliance.


Productivity Overview

A brief overview of the ways that CargoWise One makes your logistics operations more productive.

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