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The single-platform solution that puts productivity at the center of the supply chain

CargoWise One is a single-platform software solution built upon a single guiding principle: increasing your productivity. It’s an enterprise-class management system for logistics businesses wanting improved integration, automation and communication with the supply chain: global capabilities for a global industry.

It integrates you with your customers and partners, it streamlines your processes and increases the efficiency, visibility and profitability of your operations. It’s the cloud-based software solution for increasing productivity in everything you do.

CargoWise One is designed to meet the diverse needs of a diverse industry. Whether you’re a small-to-medium-sized supply chain provider or a multinational freight forwarding corporation, CargoWise One’s highly modular and feature-rich system allows you to increase productivity where you need it the most. Whatever sector of the logistics industry your business serves, CargoWise One is the smart solution for supply chain success.

 If you're looking for seamless supply chain operations, seet how CargoWise One will help you gain the competitive advantage...

Powerful productivity

CargoWise One puts productivity at the center of everything you do. Its single-platform system gives you the high levels of automation and visibility you need to streamline processes across your business. It’s cloud-based too, so your data can be keyed in just once to be instantly accessible throughout your worldwide operations, reducing your margin of error and the need for labor-intense workflows.

 For performance-driven businesses needing a productivity-enhancing product, CargoWise One delivers the most efficient solution for simplifying the supply chain.

Innovative functionality

CargoWise One’s next-generation technology gives you far-reaching functional capabilities and industry-wide applications that allow you to maximize your operations on the global stage. It gives you a best-of-breed and enterprise-class system that meets both the horizontal and vertical needs of the logistics industry and a complete suite of integrated ERP applications. Its feature-rich solutions are scalable to individual business demands, providing the breadth and depth required by major multinationals and the simplicity needed for small business operations. CargoWise One’s highly modular system allows you to choose the specific applications your business needs while giving you the access to facilitate your future developments.

Agile integration

CargoWise One provides you with comprehensive vertical and horizontal integration within and outside the application. It allows you to integrate your business with the supply chain’s key vertical markets as well integrating your global operations. You also benefit from CargoWise One’s tightly integrated enterprise class horizontal modules, from accounting to document management, and an eCommerce solution to seamlessly integrate your sales management and CRM services.

Cross-border compliance

Complying with global customs regulations is one of the key challenges for supply chain providers today. CargoWise One offers compliance capabilities that lets you focus on business, not borders. It gives you the tools to achieve quicker, simpler and more efficient customs clearance and provides greater visibility between you, your partners, your customers and customs authorities. With CargoWise One, you get access to integrated online tariff classification tools in a system that offers full compliance with customs requirements across the world’s leading markets—while our carefully selected partners aid you with an increasing number of regional regulations.

Effortless global reach

CargoWise One forms an integral part of the global supply chain and connects you with businesses across the world. With over 100,000 licenses held across 5,000 sites in 105 countries, CargoWise One customers are able to facilitate business through an ever-growing community of logistics providers. With interfaces to external parties, customers and other industry providers, CargoWise One puts your global connections within easy reach.

Solutions for a more secure supply chain

In an era of heightened security concerns, CargoWise One gives you a secure software system to safeguard your data. CargoWise One’s cloud-based system allows you to remotely store your valuable data offsite and online, giving you remote global access 24/7 through your internet connection. Digital document storage and retrieval is built into every part of the process enabling all documents to be stored, cataloged and retrieved on screen during the work process for seamless business continuity and disaster recovery.

Seamless implementation and continued support

With CargoWise One, you get a comprehensive suite of support services delivered through our exclusive WiseAdvantage program. The tools, knowledge and services you need to get the most out of your technology investment are all included as part of your CargoWise One solution and localized to meet your specific needs through our carefully selected global partner programs.

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