About WiseAdvantage

A comprehensive suite of application delivery, maintenance, support, and learning services for WiseTech Global applications.

All WiseTech Global applications are supported by our exclusive WiseAdvantage program, a comprehensive suite of application support services, which includes WiseCloud, WiseLearning, WiseSupport and WiseMaintenance. The tools, knowledge, and services you need to get the most out of your technology investment are all included as part of your WiseTech Global solution - with no hidden costs or unexpected expenses – providing a clear advantage to your business.


WiseCloud provides powerful, reliable, and comprehensive application delivery and management services from our global data network.

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WiseSupport provides access to our exceptional global and regional customer support infrastructure.

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WiseLearning provides unique online training and education options, available at no additional cost to all licensed users.

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WiseMaintenance provides feature enhancements, software quality management, defect resolution, patching, and release control.

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