WiseLearning - Comprehensive, Flexible Learning Solutions

We understand the challenges of keeping your company up to date and fully trained to use your system. Our WiseLearning program provides unique online training and education options, available at no additional cost to all licensed users. With WiseLearning you will reach ‘Go Live’ with confidence and speed, so you can focus on your business, and not your software.

  • Comprehensive Resources: Our comprehensive eLearning portal includes videos, workbooks, and activities, designed to give users a clear understanding of WiseTech Global applications.
  • Flexible and Convenient: The eLearning portal is available on demand, giving you and your staff the tools you need to learn at your pace, and in the way that best suits your business, to go live and stay up to date on new functionality.
  • Certified Skill Levels: Online certification exams are available to ensure that your staff members have successfully completed each course.