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Increase Productivity, Improve competitively

As a freight forwarder, you know that when documentation and data do not change hands with your agents fast enough, you can lose time and money. Manual data entry is time consuming, and compounding errors can harm your business and your bottom line. To keep your customers happy, and your business thriving, you need the fastest, most reliable technology to get every job done right.

WiseTech Global’s exclusive invitation-only Wise Agent Referral Program (WARP) enables Freight Forwarders (import and export agents) to improve their productivity and level of customer service with accelerated, automated data-exchange so you can deliver the highest quality services to your customers, in real-time, on every job.

Once you have been nominated by an existing WiseTech Global customer, you are eligible for WARP. As a WARP member, you will gain access to early, complete, and accurate data that helps you truly streamline your management decisions, operational processes, and customer support.

Benefits you gain in WARP:

  • Automated data exchange between import and export agents
  • Save up to 90% on data entry
  • Up to 70% savings on operational costs
  • Automated, real-time exchange of accurate, complete data
  • Broad visibility over your operations, shared with agents and customers
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced service levels leading to better profit margins
  • Increased market advantage over competition
  • Integrated profit-sharing between agents
  • Earned and retained overseas business through agent network
  • Overall productivity gains across all operations through CargoWise One

Discounts available to WARP members:

  • Product license discounts
  • Free setup of electronic data messaging with overseas agents
  • Free electronic data massaging between agents for a limited time
  • Continued discounts on electronic data messaging

Getting WiseTech Global products and services up and running is easy and affordable. You only pay for what you use.

Installation and implementation is quick and painless, getting you fully operational in just a few weeks.

CargoWise One is widely recognized as the leading logistics solution available in the industry, specifically designed to enable global agents to work together in the most efficient and productive ways.

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