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Next-Generation Logistics

Young, agile and ambitious, ACS Logistics, Austria, has embraced technology to become a lean, next-generation logistics provider that’s focused on delivering superior customer service

With an ambitious, structured and strategic approach to business, industry veterans Gerald Kleeberger, Ulrich Hartwig, and Thomas Sticht set out to create a next-generation logistics business with a difference. Their vision was to build a company based upon innovative value-added services and cost-effective customer support that would always be one step ahead of the competition.

Forward-thinking, the trio looked towards technology to realize their vision and give their business the leading edge. The result is ACS Logistics: an agile, lean, and cutting-edge specialist in global air and sea freight forwarding, and integrated logistics solutions.

Founded in Austria in 2011, this young company has been embracing technology to meet increasing demands for more flexible, qualified, and specialized services, while internally increasing its own productivity and profitability at the same time.

Thomas Sticht, managing director and co-founder of ACS Logistics, understood that the right technology platform would be a key decider in the company’s success: helping shape its structure, its state-of-the-art services, and driving its growth. For these reasons, ACS Logistics chose WiseTech Global and its award-winning, single-platform logistics management system to help take it to the next level.

“ACS Logistics is focused on value-added services,” says Sticht. “We want to support our customer supply chains at every stage, as well as offering consultation services that optimize the core process of transportation. However, the complexity of providing customers with tailor-made solutions presents a challenge that requires a lot of smart, behind-the-scenes operations. WiseTech Global’s integrated system helps make our aims possible; it allows us to fulfill customer’s individual requirements at the highest level of performance—continuously.”

Realizing how the system would aid the company in its growth strategy, ACS Logistics purposely implemented WiseTech Global’s single-platform system at an early stage of the business. System integration was fully finalized in 2013 following a sustained period of planning, training and support.

“We spent a lot of time thinking and planning our exact must-have requirements, and how we would implement these into our operations,” says Sticht. “Initially we focused on implementing as much from the standard setup as possible and adjusting our processes to the system—a strategically wise decision for a new company. This way, we can add more sophisticated and advanced functionalities into our operations in following phases, when we are more familiar with the system.

“Throughout this period, WiseTech supported us through their eLearning programs; two of our key users went to their offices for more intense training, and an assigned implementation manager monitored the progress of the project. I must admit, it was a challenging time for our organization, but the training gave us a deep understanding of the ‘genetics’ of the system: an extensive knowledge that now allows us to make the most of its powerful modules and rich functionalities to the benefit of both us and our customers.”

For many young companies, the amount of resources needed to operate a technology-based business can often outweigh the benefits. However, Sticht realized the advantages of WiseTech Global’s cloud-based system from the start. “Today, cloud-based services are levelling the playing field. Running a hosted solution gives us the opportunity to operate state-of-the-art technology without huge investments in infrastructure, premium licenses, or IT staff. WiseTech’s cloud-hosted solution is a real advantage and fits in perfectly with our ‘lean’ philosophy. Instead of trying to manage technologies in-house, we let the real IT professionals do their job so we can focus on ours—logistics.”

“Customized, timely, and more accurate information has become a central demand within our industry and WiseTech Global has put us in the position to offer this from a truly integrated system. It’s taken us to a completely different level of opportunities and has vastly increased our levels of efficiency and productivity, creating not only a major competitive advantage, but a working environment that increases our employee’s professional satisfaction too.”

Sticht concludes: “We know how to simplify complex logistics, respond to the individual needs of our customers, and deliver a solution that works. Now, with the combination of our industry experience, our very clear vision for our future, and WiseTech’s outstanding technology in place, we can now open doors which in the past were reserved just for the big global players.”

ACS Logistics Offers Customers:

  • Reliable, worldwide air freight transportation
  • FCL/LCL sea freight and reefer container services
  • Road transport services
  • Courier, express and parcel services
  • Direct service radius across all of Austria

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