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People Who Move the World: CrossDock

CrossDock doesn’t just talk about a customer-first attitude, they live and breathe it.

Rafael Saldaña, the owner and founder of CrossDock has worked hard to embed his personal values—passion, honesty, efficiency—into his business. After more than a decade of growth, it’s proven to be a winning strategy.

“It starts with the founder, with my aura, with the way that I work. I’m always trying to inspire people,” he says. “My company is my people so we always need to take care of them and have them experience, learn, so they can give a good solution to our customer.”

Since 2005, CrossDock has evolved from a single-employee, single-customer, single-service operation, to a diverse logistics solutions provider that serves some of America’s biggest retailers. They have helped move everything from the UEFA Champions League trophy to more than 60 live horses on a 767 across the US-Mexico border.

“I love my job because I’m always doing something different. Logistics is an art and when you do things right, the feedback of that is something very precious for me,” Saldaña says. “[My staff] see a challenge, see a mountain, and at the end of the day they can climb it. I think everybody grows with the experience.”

This passion and problem-solving attitude infuses the whole company. “It’s like a family,” says Pricing Manager Delia Baena. “Everyone who is in CrossDock knows we need to bring an additional solution to the customer. We try to gain a customer for life.”

Having worked for the company for six years, Delia says changing over to CargoWise One has allowed her to spend less time on menial tasks and more time delighting her customers. “The last software we had, we created quotes on Excel or Word or by email. It was completely manual. Now, we offer a solution to have all the supply chain, with secure invoicing, with everything.”

“CrossDock has something different that a lot of forwarders don’t have. Some companies say they have 100 trucks, 100 trailers, 100 vans or something. We have a good system. It’s like an asset of a forwarder. [CargoWise One] is the only asset we have.”

Sales and Product Development Manager Gustavo Galvan describes the system a little differently. “It feels like a relationship with an actual girlfriend. We’re working with this software for three years and it never ceases to amaze me.”

Galvan knows that good technology supports your vision rather than defines it. When CrossDock decided to implement CargoWise One, he was motivated by a desire to offer his customers more across the board. “Service, we’re really intense on that, we’re like teenagers playing videogames for the first time, that’s how intense we get. We focused on choosing a system that grabs you by the hand and says, ‘Hey, I’ll walk with you along the way.’”

Human connection is at the heart of what Galvan loves about his job. “My relationship with people here, it’s more personal,” he says. “It’s an open space and it enriches you because you learn and you also learn from other people.”

The new system has made this connection more frictionless than ever before. “The commercial department, the operational department, the pricing department, the administration department [are] all linked together so you can actually attack a potential threat before it becomes a problem. You have the complete feedback of what you need to do to keep everything working and how to aim a little bit higher. My team and my customer can have the information they need with one click.”

Saldaña agrees. “[CrossDock] decided to go with CargoWise because I wanted my team to be more efficient and my customers to have more value added by my company. Communication is something very basic and very important, so this was my way into the next decade.”

Like his staff, Saldaña is driven by making his customers happy. “The core of our business, what we give our customers, for me it’s very hard to find another company like us. I’m in love with my company and that’s the engine that makes us be better and better every time.”

With passionate people working hand-in-hand with a powerful platform, CrossDock shows no signs of slowing down.

CrossDock Offers Customers:

  • Air, Sea, Land, and Multimodal Transportation
  • Customs Clearance
  • Project Management
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Custom Value-Added Solutions

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