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A Growing Business Finds Global Success

Kingscote Rojay Ltd. uses technology to provide global service with personalized attention to customers worldwide.

Kingscote Freight Services formed in the mid-1990s and focused predominately on imports for more than a decade. When Peter Phythian joined Kingscote in 2008, the company began a period of growth that continues to this day. Now the company’s UK Operations Director, he says, “soon after I joined, we acquired Rojay World Freight. Through that acquisition, we gained the export services business we needed. Since then we’ve acquired another business, and our operations have expanded to key locations throughout the UK.”

As Kingscote Rojay expanded, acquiring new companies and opening new offices were only half of the challenge. “When we were a small forwarder – an office with ten or fifteen staff – our old software was absolutely fine,” Phythian continues. “As we grew to over one hundred staff members across the UK and a network of over three hundred and fifty agents globally, we needed a technology platform that could meet the needs of a larger company and take us through future growth as well.”

Uniting separate branches and operations from several companies into a cohesive entity was no small feat. As Phythian puts it, “It was quite a bit of upheaval! We had a freight system, warehouse management system, transport system, accounts system, and they didn’t necessarily talk to each other. In addition to the usual air, sea, and road forwarding we have a number of specialties, including perishables and firearms. We even have a case-making and packing division - you name it, we do it, really. We needed a platform that could bring all aspects of our business together.” 

Kingscote Rojay is well-known as an Air on Ground (AoG) specialist, so it was vital that the company’s new system help streamline that operation as well. Phythian says, “AoG is very time-sensitive cargo, requiring twenty-four-seven operations worldwide. We need a stable system no matter when or where goods are moving. We need to have absolute faith that even if we get a job at three o’clock in the morning, our system is going to work and provide the information we need for both our operational staff and our customers.”

They found that system in CargoWise One. Peter Phythian recalls the immediate domino effect as the company added functionality and gained productivity in several areas of the business. “We started with basic forwarding and financials. Now we’re running the WMS – complete with barcode scanners – and we’re using the system’s workflow elements, automated messaging, and integrated CRM as well.

“In this day and age,” Phythian continues, “customers want a little bit more than just a copy of some documentation. They want up-to-date information available at their convenience, exactly what our system’s Web Tracker provides.”

He reflects on how his company’s choice of software has helped Kingscote achieve its mission to give their customers greater value and a real advantage through better systems and processes. “We’re a small-sized business, with regional offices, but we can operate globally. We want to give our worldwide customers the feel of a more localized, personal service. For a forwarder of our size to manage that can be quite a task. The size and stability of WiseTech Global and the capability of CargoWise One have been a huge benefit to us. Stability builds reliability, which in turn creates trust with our customers and partners.”

Kingscote Rojay shows no signs of slowing its service levels or growth. “WiseTech Global’s software gives us the full visibility of figures and reports across the company so we can see our workflow and our volumes day-to-day and manage them accordingly. Having everything under one banner enables us to do what we do a lot easier.”

Kingscote Rojay, Ltd. Offers Customers:

  • A localized approach to business
  • Working hand-in-hand with clients as partners, not just suppliers
  • Full utilization of numerous regional locations
  • Combining local knowledge with global operational experience

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