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Russ Romine has gone from packing trucks in his school holidays to heading up the transport division of one of the most innovative and fast growing companies in the logistics sector.

Although he grew up in the logistics business, it wasn’t until he bought Griffin Transport Services from its founder in 2003, that Russ Romine, current Vice President of Transportation for LEGACY Supply Chain Services, realized the stark difference between working for others and running your own company.

“One day we signed the paperwork, and the next I woke up in a panic. Suddenly I had to make sure everyone on that payroll got their pay every month,” Romine says. “We had good people, but I needed stronger sales to take the business to the next level.”

Romine set about finding highly skilled staff to help the business to grow, and began to diversify the company’s focus from its traditional international freight forwarding base into domestic distribution. The transition proved prophetic when the sudden slowdown in the global economy brought businesses with limited income sources to a standstill.

“It was definitely scary to see a decline in business like that, but as we saw demand for transportation businesses sliding, we saw a pickup in demand for distribution,” Romine says. “Box-in, box-out, it sounds easy but you need the right systems, and the right people, to really make it profitable.”

Having survived the global downturn thanks to diversification and agility, Romine was approached by a larger integrated provider, TMSi Logistics, and both companies began merger discussions.

“TMSi had been focused on the dedicated warehousing model, and we had the strength in the distribution side of things but on a much smaller scale,” Romine says. “There was about a year of conversation about where we saw opportunities to grow together.”

In August 2011, TMSi announced the acquisition of Griffin Global Logistics. The blend of TMSi’s logistics network with Griffin’s global transportation, supply chain management, and multi-client distribution, provided both companies the opportunity to offer an integrated 3PL solution to the market. It also represented a unique cultural alignment of two values driven organizations. Aware that much of Griffin’s success was based on some of the underlying cultural changes he’d implemented in the organization in the early years following his initial purchase, Romine faced the interesting challenge of bringing his staff into a new environment, without losing the work he’d put in over the years to foster a culture of creativity and innovation.

“Our growth was always driven by our team of people, with an entrepreneurial approach at all levels of the company,” Romine says. “We had a very strong culture, and the only way to survive in the longer term is to maintain a high level of talent and engagement within the organization.”

Romine was also aware of the importance of continuously leveraging technology as a competitive advantage for the company.

“We’d gone through a whole series of different technology providers, and it wasn’t until we came across ediEnterprise that we could get onto a level playing field with larger partners,” Romine says. “Then to get the implementation process right, you really need an underlying culture of problem solving.”

In February 2012, the newly aligned company was renamed LEGACY Supply Chain Services, bringing to market a fully integrated supply chain, transportation, and warehousing service. Romine says the company is moving full steam ahead, ready to take advantage of its new found operational, technological, and cultural synergies.

“The biggest challenge will be keeping good staff and customers on board as the economy gets stronger,” Romine says. “Opportunities on the international stage are going to get stronger and we need an excellent team ready to take on opportunities to grow.”

LEGACY Supply Chain Services Offers Customers:

  • Dedicated & Multi-tenant Warehousing & Distribution
  • Domestic Transportation Brokerage
  • International Freight Forwarding
  • Customs House Brokerage
  • Transportation Management Services
  • Supply Chain Systems
  • Supply Chain Analysis & Planning
  • Installation Services
  • Electrical & Data Services
  • Leadership Development Training
  • Information Technology Services

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