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Innovating Logistics Solutions in Mexico

With a tireless enthusiasm to learn what their software can provide their customers, SB Logistics is prepared to overcome the unique operational challenges in their region.

Raul Saucedo understands what it takes to run a business. With years of on-the-ground experience as a customs officer at Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport and over a decade of working as regional VP of a global freight forwarding operation in Mexico, Mr. Saucedo, now Managing Director of SB Logistics (SBL), knew exactly what niche his company could fill when he founded the startup company in 2008. 

“SBL found its market by providing overseas companies a turnkey solution,” Saucedo says. “We bring them immediate access to their main industries, such as Automotive, High Tech and Aerospace, through our IMMEX and bonded warehouse licenses as well as our network of Distribution Centers located across the country.” 

Even though SBL started as a freight forwarding company, they understand that end-to-end management of customers’ inventory is their main objective. Saucedo looked for the solution that could expand SBL’s service to reach this goal. “Eighty percent of our customers are based overseas. Most of them have never operated in Mexico before, but they need to. We needed to build a tailor-made solution for them.

“We first saw WiseTech Global’s products in action when we attended a logistics conference two years ago,” Saucedo recalls. “Soon after, we started the conversation about having the right Warehouse Management System to become the key provider of Vendor Management Inventory services that our customers demand. Since we’ve launched the system, we’ve become a strategic partner for the automotive, high tech and aerospace manufacturers. Offering this solution gives us and them a comparative advantage.

“With WiseTech Global’s software, we can offer medium and small size customers an integrated solution in a market where the big multinationals operate. We can provide door to production line and/or door to shelf service from any place in the world to any place in Mexico.”

Saucedo says that providing enhanced visibility was an issue the company overcame through technology. “We had the challenge of proving to our customers that we can take their cargo from any place in the world and deliver it to the final destination. Today, suppliers from India, Korea, China, Japan, Spain, Germany, and many other countries all have the online visibility of their inventories in real time. And they can clearly see the value-added services we bring them.”

Another major challenge SBL faced was how to satisfy the region’s complex compliance regulations. “Customs regulations in Mexico are very, very complicated,” Saucedo remarks. “They’re very focused on managing the serial number and ‘pedimento,’ which is what we call the formal Customs entry in Mexico. But with WiseTech Global products, we can guarantee our customers full compliance in what SBL does.”

Saucedo concludes that, in addition to the ease of finding new offerings for customers and venturing into new business areas, SB Logistics is constantly learning more about the software. “We’re always seeing new ways to maximize the system’s operating functions and capabilities.” 

He offers advice for any operator who aim to scale and succeed at the rate of SBLogistics: “Dedicate time to learn the system. We’re seeing its true ability to bring out the true potential of this collaboration. WiseTech’s product has everything right there. It’s just a matter of learning where and how to make it work for you.”

SB Logistics Offers Customers:

  • International network spanning countries throughout Asia, North America, and Europe
  • Freight forwarding and Integrated Logistics services for local and international companies
  • Services for import and trading of products in Mexico
  • Complete door-to-shelf service: from pickup and forwarding, to warehouse, distribution, and delivery
  • Expertise in satisfying Mexican customs regulations on behalf of clients

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