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People, Passion, Productivity

Ryan Cummings, the owner and managing director of Whale Logistics Australia, is passionate about about three things: his product, his service, and his people.

Having launched his own business at the start of 2015, Cummings has led his company from a handful of employees to more than 20 staff in three Australian offices, with a range of satellite locations in Asia. That level of growth wasn’t always easy to manage but he says owning his own successful business is a dream come true.

“I love it. Every day is different, you have the opportunity to travel overseas, learn different cultures, meet different people. The more I learn, the more I fall in love with it.”

Whale Logistics is built around innovation and a customer-first attitude. They call this “The Whale Distinction” and it has driven an impressive sales growth rate of 150% in the past six months.

For all the staff at Whale Logistics, productivity and efficiency are not just buzzwords; they are principles that drive and inspire them every day. “It’s all about productivity. We achieve that through empowering our people and creating an efficient workplace where they’re happy to come in every day,” says Cummings.

Finance Manager Elaine Huang puts it another way. “We want to be the best we can be, using the technology and processes we have. Employees come to me saying ‘we can save X amount of money or X amount of time’ and by doing this we free up more time for sales and management to focus on our strategy and building a good relationship with our customers.”

You Can’t Grow Alone

When it came to starting and growing its business, Whale Logistics needed customers and partners who could help them achieve their ambitious goals and align with their culture. “Business does not grow alone; business needs to grow with partners,” says Huang. “Without them, I think the whole operation would not be functional. We need the right partners and we need to grow together.”

Cummings had used CargoWise One for over five years before starting the company but his Operations Manager Ryan Holt was new to the system. Now, after an accelerated Go Live process and more than a year on the system, he can’t imagine living without it. “CargoWise One is the best out of the systems I’ve used. It’s just so easy to use. Without the new systems in place, we wouldn’t be able to grow as fast as we did.”

Holt says the system also had an unexpected benefit. “When we changed to a workflow model, we went paperless. It wasn’t a goal, it just sort of happened. Once we got everything in the system, staff didn’t need to waste time looking through paper or keeping a week’s or a month’s worth of files in a tray on their desk.”

Always Be Changing

Cummings recognizes that in the dynamic, fast-paced world of logistics, you can’t stand still. “If you want to be around in freight forwarding in the next 10-20 years, with the way that freight rates and margins have been going, you need to be very productive, you need to be very efficient.”

Having built a business around his own passion for the industry, Cummings is excited to see it rubbing off on his customers as well as his team. “Our customers are buying into what we’re doing. We’re not just selling them a freight forwarding package and servicing it. They see the energy of our staff, they see what we’re doing product-wise, we’re going to them with more innovation and more solutions and they’re buying in.”

For Cummings and Whale Logistics, moving people with your ideas is just as important as moving product.

Whale Logistics Offers Customers:

  • Ocean and air freight services
  • Customs clearance
  • Warehouse distribution
  • Integrated customized and combined logistics services
  • Routes in Asia, America, Europe, South America and the Middle East

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