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People Who Move the World: Wintop

Working hand in hand with WiseTech Global and using CargoWise One, Wintop is now taking the next step on the world stage.

Wintop, a Chinese forwarding company focused on international air and sea freight, is dedicated to providing high-quality, globally integrated logistics services that customers can trust.

Established in 2005, Wintop originally focused on Unit Load Device international air exports, and while they had a steady stream of customers, the work was small in size and low in volume. To grow the business, Wintop’s founders Mr. Xiuyuan Wen and Ms. Man Jin had to innovate and experiment.

In 2007, the company started offering chartered carrier transport services, then expanded to include both import and export. Since then, capacity has grown continuously and the business is blossoming at home and abroad. Today, in addition to its China offices, Wintop has operations in Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States, with other locations planned for the future.

Wintop and its staff are committed to providing tailor-made solutions for customers. To help meet and exceed the growing demands of their clients, the company has an in-house team that provides professional, value-added services such as QR Warehousing. “We go above and beyond to satisfy our customers’ needs,” says Vice-General Manager Ms. Ting Wang. This rigorous approach has produced a loyal customer base that has grown alongside the business.

But, as the company’s international reach increased, Wintop’s previous system struggled to meet customer requirements. Recognizing the need for a powerful system that could support their operations, the two founders decided to move to CargoWise One. GM Assistant Mr. Yu Ningyu says it not only solves current issues, but that it will also meet future requirements. “The two founders are forward-thinking and have strategic vision. It was a wise and decisive move to replace the previous system with CargoWise One,” he says.

Ms. Wang remembers when the company used Excel forms, and then introduced a local software solution. Neither could fulfil the needs of their business. The huge amount of data generated, slow system speeds, and inability to effectively share work put limits on Wintop’s growth. “It was exhausting and severely affected our efficiency and the service we could offer,” she says. “CargoWise One is slightly more expensive than our previous system but it will definitely improve our business in the future with its data integration, higher speeds, and global connectivity.”

Because CargoWise One allows Wintop to monitor and manage branches all around the world, it allows the company to implement international best practice management techniques and provide faster, more precise service for their customers. “To develop globally, we must use a global system to manage all levels of our company,” says GM Mr. Li Bing.

Wintop is now taking the next step on the world stage. “In logistics, the more comprehensive your network, the greater your advantage. We can build a global network with CargoWise One. No matter how much data we have, and wherever our offices are, we can integrate all the information into a single, globally accessible database,” Ms. Wang says. 

Working hand in hand with WiseTech Global and using CargoWise One, Wintop is moving faster than ever before towards becoming a global forwarding company that truly moves the world.

Wintop Offers Customers:

  • International air and sea freight forwarding
  • Contract logistics
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Exhibition and project logistics
  • Consolidation distribution services and more

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