Hiring talented people doesn't start with a job brief and end with a signed contract. It's just the start.

Iterative development or process is well known in the world of technology and software development. But, if you've not come across this before, simply put – it's a system and or way of working that allows you to take advantage of prior learning to enhance, evolve and improve.

And we don't just apply this to the way we work and the build of our software; we leverage this to empower our new hires too. We've been doing this for years, and yes, we've iterated this process along the way. And we continue to do so, which is why we are recruiting for this "new" role.

Known internally as "Rotations," when Software Engineers and Product Managers join WiseTech Global, they go on a journey of discovery for the first six months. Think of it like a tailored onboarding program aligned to an individual's skill set, experience, and objectives. This program is also valuable for integrating peers from acquired businesses to learn the WiseTech way of work and helping our experienced employees change roles or teams.

We facilitate the rotation program through our Software operations team, which Talent Acquisition supports. Who's accountability for the success of our future hires and the effectiveness of our teams and throughput through hiring is paramount to business growth.

So what is a Talent /Rotations Adviser :

Essentially, you help our new hires (Engineers and Product Managers):

  • Navigate the rotation process by supporting individuals and our business to unlock potential and opportunity
  • Provide early intervention and corrective action to empower continuous improvement and advancement

While adding value to the business and individuals by:

  • Inspiring people at various stages of their career (students to senior engineers) to push out of their comfort zone
  • Help teams find the people they need to meet business objectives.

You will be working directly with eclectic, diverse, and highly intelligent individuals—people whose passion for technology runs deep and who live and breathe all things tech. Therefore an appreciation of technology and or working experience with software engineers would be beneficial.

However, while we've used the term advisor in this job title, this role is more than that, which is why we are most interested to hear from people with real-life experience and high emotional intelligence.

Curious to find out if you have what it takes, great we love curious people. All you have to do next is get in touch.

Before you Apply

From time to time, WiseTech Global may use an external service provider to assess applications on our behalf. Accordingly, by applying for this role and providing your personal information to WiseTech Global, you consent to WiseTech Global providing this information to our external service providers who are required to treat such information with strict confidentiality in line with privacy and data protection laws and regulations

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