SYDNEY, Australia - WiseTech Academy, the online training arm of WiseTech Global (ASX:WTC), is the first Registered Training Organization (RTO code 45574) to be accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to offer the updated TLI50822 Diploma of Customs Broking. The Diploma is required to obtain a customs broker licence in Australia. Completion of this course through the Academy can also generate credits toward a Bachelor or Masters degree at Charles Sturt University.

The full range of Diploma units will be available to start every two months from 1 February 2023, rather than the traditional twice a year. Offering multiple entry points to commence Diploma studies throughout the year allows students additional flexibility in fitting their studies around their work and personal lives.

“The partnership with Charles Sturt University is an endorsement of the quality of the training offered through WiseTech Academy, and a great opportunity for customs brokers who would like to take their careers to the next level by advancing their tertiary qualifications,” said Dr Tudor Maxwell, who leads WiseTech Academy at WiseTech Global.

“WiseTech is committed to supporting the logistics industry with education and skills development through courses designed to improve the knowledge and capability of professionals who work in global supply chains. This helps expand the talent pool of skilled professionals within the industry, and it opens new career path opportunities for individuals.

“The global supply chain faces constant waves of change including international responses to COVID and climate change, and frequent updates to legislation, driving a persistent demand for fresh skills and accreditations to support international trade. This clearly includes customs broking professionals. Our mission is to empower logistics businesses to develop their employees through easy access to high quality training and education. We will continue to add to our course catalogue to ensure we meet the industry’s needs,” Dr Maxwell said.

WiseTech Academy expands portfolio of supply chain industry courses:

Throughout 2022 WiseTech expanded the range of online training available through the Academy; it now offers more than 160 courses tailored to the supply chain logistics industry. The number of students completing industry learning via the Academy increased by 18% in FY22. The courses have been specifically developed to engage students, ensure they understand the coursework and are assessed appropriately, while providing them the flexibility to study anywhere, anytime.

“WiseTech responded to a need for affordable, accessible, online vocational industry training. We support supply chain logistics professionals to advance their careers, and enable logistics providers to comply with rapidly evolving industry regulations. Ongoing education is critical for the industry to embrace new digital processes by ensuring professionals are up to date with the latest trends in the industry and providing learning pathways to support talent development,” explained Dr Maxwell.

“Our courseware is designed to meet a range of needs, from micro-courses for general awareness of a topic, through to formal certifications and accreditation to meet industry and government requirements - such as for biosecurity border clearance, handling dangerous goods or becoming an Accredited Person under a Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) Approved Arrangement,” he said.

CargoWise certifications:

In addition, all CargoWise Certified training is now provided exclusively via the Academy. There are more than 24,000 CargoWise Certified users globally, and thousands more are pursuing this certification via WiseTech Academy to gain CargoWise skills, to enhance their daily work delivery and to build their career prospects.

Tailored corporate training curriculums:

“WiseTech Academy also offers a corporate training solution that enables businesses to create a culture of learning within their organization. This gives businesses the ability to develop and curate courses specific to their employees’ needs, including role-based learning pathways for logistics professionals.

"Our Learning Management System allows companies to monitor the progress of their team members via a dedicated eLearning domain. Offering targeted training in this way develops in-house skills, and is a proven talent retention measure. A lack of career development opportunities, including access to training, is one of the leading reasons employees leave an organisation[1], so we help logistics employers to provide such training. This format has proved popular with a 61% increase in the number of corporate clients using our platform for training in Oct-Dec 2022 compared on the same quarter in 2021,” said Dr Maxwell.

WiseTech Academy draws on WiseTech’s in-depth industry knowledge gained as the developer of CargoWise, the leading cloud-based logistics execution software system. CargoWise is used by 24 of the top 25 global freight forwarders and 41 of the top 50 third party logistic providers, globally. For the full range of WiseTech Academy courses go to

[1] Work Institute: 2022 Retention Report: How Employers Caused the Great Resignation