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EnkayTech is a CargoWise Service Partner and Microsoft Gold partner in Application Development and Application Integration. We provide custom software development and system integration services using Microsoft BizTalk Server and Microsoft Azure Logic Apps to integrate CargoWise One customers with customers not using CargoWise One or other Business to Business (B2B) solutions. 

We have built B2B integrations that can handle different file formats like X12 EDI, EDIFACT, CSV, Excel, Txt, XML etc, to integrate with CargoWise One using eAdaptor services.  

Some of the integration solutions for CargoWise One we’ve built include: 

  • Creating and updating Bookings/Shipments and Consolidations 
  • Sending out Invoices and Milestone updates to customers  
  • Updating Notes and Milestones of an existing job in CargoWise One
  • Adding eDOCs to existing jobs and sending out eDOCs to customers 
  • Accounting, Payments and Customs related integrations 
  • EDI to CargoWise One and CargoWise One to EDI integrations 
  • SQL to CargoWise One and CargoWise One to SQL integrations 
  • On-Premise system and WiseCloud CargoWise One integration 

We also provide CargoWise One integration solutions in the cloud using Azure Logic Apps and other Azure cloud services.

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