HTFN members to reduce operating costs and increase productivity with integrated global reach

HTFN has joined WiseTech Global’s WiseIndustry Partner Program to provide a competitive advantage to its worldwide network of independent forwarding agents. The productivity of each HTFN network member will be radically improved, with up to 70 percent reduction in operating costs, by using a single integrated platform. They will also be better positioned to win more business as they benefit from the network’s combined geographical reach while continuing to offer personalized local service.

The WiseIndustry Partner Program is underpinned by WiseTech Global’s sophisticated logistics management system, CargoWise One, which will allow HTFN members to integrate operations and enable them to more effectively compete against large multi-national providers through lower costs and higher service levels.

Success in the forwarding industry is dependent on the accurate, timely exchange of vast amounts of documentation and data. As a network of independent freight forwarders, HTFN can offer comprehensive global services to their customers, but they have lacked integrated systems in the past. This put them at a disadvantage when competing with some multinational freight forwarders utilizing integrated systems with visibility across all offices. By joining the WiseIndustry Partner Network, HTFN members can now be more profitable and competitive through a cost effective, cloud-based integrated system that delivers end-to-end visibility, unprecedented levels of customer service and much lower administrative costs –resulting in consistently higher margins.

Carsten Steinmetz, Chief Executive Officer of Cargo Brokers International, Inc., speaking on behalf of HTFN, said: “HTFN strives to be on the leading edge of technology to promote the success of its members. This partnership with WiseTech Global was a clear choice for us as CargoWise One is considered the premier software in our industry and many of our members were already using it. In addition, the partnership with WiseTech Global will allow us to attract strong members in the few geographical areas where we need them.”

Vlad Bilanovsky, vice president partner management for WiseTech Global, said: “We are pleased that HTFN is now set to reap the rewards from our WiseIndustry Partner Program. It joins a growing number of global and regional agent networks, associations and professional organizations that pride themselves on strong reputations and high levels of membership engagement.

“Having a single-platform system will allow HTFN members to share more than just shipment data; they will be able to share electronic document copies, commercial invoice data, purchase orders, status updates throughout the supply chain and more, so they can truly act as one global company. This is something many multi-nationals have yet to achieve.”

Media Contact: Lisa Tree,