Network members set to further extend their global reach with CargoWise One technology.

WiseTech Global, provider of the industry's leading logistics software, CargoWise One, has announced that Premier Cargo Alliance Network (PCA) recently joined its WiseIndustry Partner program in order to give its members access to the cutting edge technology the network needs to attain true global reach.

Founded in June of 2014, PCA has rapidly expanded to a network of 39 partners across 30 countries. The network actively seeks members who share their quality-driven vision and one-to-one approach. For PCA, it's about finding the right people. "PCA operates on a unique business model," says Horst Behm, CEO and Founder of PCA. "We give our network members the unique opportunity to identify and showcase their own strengths to build the world's most versatile, capable, global network of independent freight forwarders, logistics companies, and service providers."

For PCA, using CargoWise One across the network was an obvious choice. "In order to be global, you have to adopt global strategies. And in order to execute these, you need software capable of meeting global needs," says Behm. "Several of PCA's members were already using CargoWise One throughout their operations, and our members saw the benefits of an integrated, real-time solution network-wide. Equipping everyone with CargoWise One makes the network, and each of our members, stronger."

"PCA is a rapidly growing network," Vlad Bilanovsky, Vice President of Partner Management for WiseTech Global, says of PCA. "They are attracting a lot of attention already, and we are pleased to help accelerate their growth through our WiseIndustry Partner Program. PCA's members have an increased necessity to share documents and data as quickly as possible, and CargoWise One's enhanced visibility and communication tools will provide the integration and global reach needed across the PCA network to give its members a competitive edge."

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