Sydney, Australia, October 10, 2013

Frontline Freight Network (FFN), a fast-growing family of independent NVOCCs, freight forwarders and logistic service providers, has joined in a global partnership with CargoWise to increase productivity and communication among its members. By joining CargoWise’s WiseIndustry Partner program and implementing its cloud-based enterprise-class logistics software, ediEnterprise, FFN and its network members will benefit from real-time data exchange from a single-platform system.

The decision to join the WiseIndustry program was a straightforward one says Najam ul Hoda, Managing Director and Team Leader of Frontline Freight Network: “Just as FFN is a leader in its field, we wanted the same from our software partner, and it was apparent that CargoWise was the best match for our network. The productivity benefits for our members are unparalleled and this partnership will give FFN a strong foundation for continued growth.”

Based in Pakistan, FFN provides a global interactive platform, as well as an international alliance that allows its members to expand their operational reach by building multilateral connections. The CargoWise partnership will enable FFN to further unite its members and strengthen their network-wide capabilities.

“Our members work all over the world, in many different languages and time zones,” says ul Hoda. “The most exciting thing about partnering with CargoWise is that it will enable FFN members to communicate more effectively and efficiently. The data exchange capabilities built into ediEnterprise mean that we can share all the necessary information within our systems and can work faster with less margin for error. We anticipate that working with CargoWise will make us even more productive.”

Vlad Bilanovsky, CargoWise VP of Partner Management, says the CargoWise solution will simplify how members work together and will be a significant time and stress saver: “A group of forwarders working together with different, and often incompatible, software systems can be full of unnecessary complications; no matter how effective the independent agents are. Working with one preferred software solution is the ideal solution because it enables communication, productivity and transparency to skyrocket.

“CargoWise software is designed to seamlessly integrate with other CargoWise software — no matter where the separate installations are in the world — which is why it’s so beneficial for networks like FFN. Now, with CargoWise, everyone can speak the same language.”

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree,