Four separate networks within INO Group add value to their services through WiseIndustry partnership.

Sydney, Australia, July 30, 2015.  WiseTech Global, the company behind the industry-leading integrated platform CargoWise One, has announced that International Network Organization Limited (INO) has signed four of its networks to become part of the WiseIndustry Partner Program. These latest WiseIndustry Partner networks include Master Forwarders Unity Network, Freight Midpoint International Forwarders Network, Overseas Project Cargo Association, and Freight Forwarders Family Worldwide Agents Network.

The INO Networks Group is a worldwide business and agent network organization operating from Turkey and Hong Kong to provide a variety of services to world commerce, freight forwarding, and shipping and logistics companies in the industry. The group provides expertise in effective and strong networking services and solutions to improve its members’ businesses in a competitive world market. The INO Group manages seven independent worldwide associations, all of which serve different needs and strategies of freight forwarders and logistics companies.

Kemal Kirikkanat, Chairman of INO, says, “Our networks will be able to get some special benefits through this collaboration, such as discounts and much more. We recommend CargoWise One software because we believe that WiseTech Global will provide special care for our members, and the biggest proof for that will be their participation in our annual meetings. Their attendance provides a unique opportunity for our members because they can learn about WiseTech Global services face to face. Time flies in today’s world, and it is easier to reach information now more than ever. What makes a company different and able to compete with multinationals will be how much they are able to regulate and manage their business flow. Therefore, we want to strengthen our members’ hands in this long journey through CargoWise One.”

Vlad Bilanovsky, GM Marketing and Partner Management for WiseTech Global, says, “INO Group can now experience the rewards from engaging with our WiseIndustry Partner Program. They join a growing number of global and regional agent networks, associations, and professional organizations that pride themselves on strong reputations and high levels of membership engagement. Having a single-platform system will allow INO’s member networks to share shipment data, electronic document copies, commercial invoice data, purchase orders, status updates throughout the supply chain, and more. This is something many multi-nationals have yet to achieve.”

Bilanovsky adds, “WiseTech Global looks forward to engaging with INO’s members at the upcoming events, starting with the Freight Midpoint International event on August 3rd 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey.”

Media Contact: Lisa Rollason,