Sydney, Australia, October 4, 2013
CargoWise, a leading provider of logistics management software solutions, announced it has finalized a global partnership with Combined Logistics Networks (CLN).

The strategic partnership will enable the Hong Kong-based network of independent forwarders to increase productivity and operational efficiency as its 300 worldwide members begin to adopt CargoWise’s cloud-based enterprise-class logistics software, ediEnterprise. The real-time exchange of high quality data through ediEnterprise’s single-platform system will allow CLN’s members to gain a competitive advantage on the market, enabling the entire network to compete effectively with multinational logistics providers while providing its clients with a new standard of service.

CLN is renowned for the quality and diligence of its global membership and Nils Walle, Director and Co-Founder of CLN, says that the relationship with CargoWise is born from this mutual pursuit of excellence and innovation.

“We decided to partner with CargoWise due to its equal passion for quality,” says Walle. “We’ve known CargoWise for many years now and no other technology company comes close in terms of the ease of use and feature-rich communication technology it provides for forwarders and agents.

“CLN members will be able to benefit tremendously from our partnership due to the unrivalled capabilities of the CargoWise platform. Communication integration between all members will increase productivity, reduce operating costs and maximize profitability for our forwarders.”

The moves see CLN joining the WiseIndustry Partner program, developed by CargoWise to allow logistics network members to benefit from integrated data exchange delivered via a single global platform. Vlad Bilanovsky, CargoWise Vice-President of Partner Management says the partnership will significantly increase the value proposition of CLN’s global network.

CLN network members will have significant productivity improvement by implementing CargoWise software and leveraging ediEnterprise’s accelerated and single-source data exchange capabilities,” says Bilanovsky. “Automated data exchange between import and export agents could save the CLN network as much as 70 percent of operational costs, remove 90 percent of duplicated effort, and provide greater job visibility and service levels to its customers.”

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree,