Worldwide network members gain benefits of a shared logistics management platform.

Sydney, Australia, February 11, 2016. WiseTech Global, the technology developer of the industry-leading platform CargoWise One, has announced that X2 Group Ltd. has joined the WiseIndustry Partner Program, a move that facilitates a single integrated logistics management solution for all members network-wide. 

X2 Group provides a range of global professional service options for small to medium-sized freight forwarders worldwide. “Our vision is to professionally develop and manage a dynamic group,” says Richard Overton, CEO of X2 Group, “with the focus being on quality and professionalism. Our aim is to deliver results for our members so they can compete within the global market and satisfy local and regional customers. Our continued focus on implementing tools for our members is a prime goal. We are always looking at possibilities for future innovation. Enhancing the capabilities of our members and developing their competitive effectiveness to better handle the rapidly changing industry environment are our primary concerns.

“By partnering with WiseTech Global,” Overton continues, “X2 provides its members with a resource that will enhance their business capability by increasing efficiency and productivity while minimizing or even eliminating some of the challenges faced by our network members in day-to-day business operations.”

Vlad Bilanovsky, GM Partner Marketing and Partner Management, states “We are excited to welcome X2 Group as a WiseIndustry Partner. X2 members will be able to take advantage of CargoWise One as a single point of data entry across their network, as well as the system’s integration capabilities and automated processes to increase their communication and collaboration. X2 network will benefit from an increase in productivity and global visibility across its agent networks.”

Media Contact: Lisa Rollason,