Brett Wilton, Business Development Executive New Zealand for WiseTech Global, explains that updating your software system for compliance can also be a springboard to better productivity.

Sydney, Australia, May 31, 2016. New Zealand’s upcoming Trade Single Window (TSW) initiative will bring significant benefits to our logistics sector. With the deadline fast approaching, now is the time for operators across the industry to evaluate their technology platforms and implement new systems that will not only provide a seamless transition to the TSW, but also capture the ongoing benefits of staying compliant, and ultimately lead them to a profitable future.

The single window can be viewed as a great opportunity for providers in our industry to do a little spring cleaning, to stop and consider the best direction for your business, and to assess who you want to partner with for the next phase of your operation’s development and growth.

I believe the benefits of being fully compliant add up immediately, whether it’s in taking advantage of the New Zealand Customs Services (NZCS) and Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) Trade Single Window WC03 reporting initiative, or it’s in your delivery of the highest quality service empowered by a single, integrated logistics platform. In either case (or both), it’s well worth facing the fear and reluctance often associated with the prospect of change.

If your business doesn’t have a modern technology platform in place, or your current provider is lagging behind in development for TSW, you’ll need to find a vendor that can confidently get you on board, and quickly. But what will you be looking for?

Any technology partner you’re considering to help you through a smooth transition to the new compliance structure must have had its systems fully developed, tested, and rolled out months ago. They should be able to refer you to customers who are already sending thousands of TSW WCO3-formatted messages each month and reporting a range of paybacks, including:

  • detailed status information and improved agency responses, such as MPI Food, MPI Bio, and NZCS
  • streamlined processing with Combined Customs and MPI clearances
  • the ability to attach supporting documentation
  • measurably faster clearances

The richer information supplied in the new TSW WCO3 messages will give you a better understanding of the risks posed by every shipment. The better your risk assessment, the less intervention required for low-risk goods, and agencies are in better position to provide early advice of clearance requirements.

Having a cloud-activated, single logistics platform puts you in a good position to more easily absorb the next round of legislative changes, like the New Zealand Customs Service planned 2017 release of Inward Cargo Report, International Transshipment Request, and Domestic Transshipment Request functionality in TSW. Working from an advanced logistics platform that’s constantly maintained by its developers ensures you keep pace with changes in regulations in any region you operate, not just New Zealand.

The switch to TSW can’t be avoided. The drive to stay compliant in New Zealand presents you an excellent opportunity to implement software that keeps you compliant worldwide and well into the future.



Brett Wilton is Business Development Executive New Zealand for WiseTech Global


Media Contact: Gail Williamson,