Network members set to further extend their global reach with CargoWise One technology.

WiseTech Global has announced that Multinational Forwarders Networks LLP (MFNL), which comprises the Multinational Forwarders Alliance and affiliate network, Multinational Project Network, has recently joined the WiseIndustry Partner program.

The newly founded partnership offers network members greater access to the industry-leading global supply chain solution, CargoWise One.

The MFNL group of networks make up a globally recognised consortium for international freight forwarders, designed to better facilitate cross border cooperation between members. Founded in 2003, MFNL ensures security and reliability of services to over 100 member organisations in markets across the globe.

“As a network based on working partnerships, we seek to give members the tools they need to conquer the complexities of the global freight industry,” said Rajen V Nair, Founder and CEO of Multinational Forwarders Networks LLP. “A platform like CargoWise One will help our members to overcome these challenges, and attain true global reach.”

"The Multinational Forwarders Alliance and the Multinational Project Network are high quality networks built on high performing, professional relationships," said Vlad Bilanovsky, WiseTech Global GM of Partner Management. "CargoWise One’s integrated features are of particular benefit to successful networks such as this, encouraging even greater intra-network integration and productivity. We are pleased to help accelerate these gains through the WiseIndustry Partnership.”

For more information about Multinational Forwarders Alliance and Multinational Project Network, visit their websites at and