Richard White, WiseTech Global and CargoWise CEO, recently featured in series of videos developed by Global Logistics Media providing insights from logistics leaders across the Asia-Pacific region.

The project brings together executives from some of the most influential companies in the world to inspire, educate and provide critical insight for logistics businesses wanting to move forward.

In this video, Richard talks about the challenges of multi-country compliance, how the key to global growth is a deep understanding of each market and how the right technology with the right global connections can provide the platform for success.

“A good portion of our customers have realized that being a small domestic player isn't a long-term survivable choice because logistics truly is a global business and so they make the decision to grow their companies internationally."

“What we would want to say to those customers that want to grow their businesses is that we build the tool kits that enable them to grow their businesses rapidly in many countries—without the risks of having to understand all the things about each of those countries."

“Now we handled the big economies a long time ago, like the US, Canada, Australia, UK and the European economies."

“China is another interesting area and we handled that a long time ago—that’s our biggest market actually: 32 percent of our global licenses are resident in China. Those markets are incredibly difficult for people to understand when you're just sitting in a single country looking at the world and thinking ‘it must be quite similar to what I think here’. But when you go over, you realize that everything is different everywhere. All the similarities are very generic similarities and all the differences are very fine grain and important. If you don't get them right you end up in tax compliance or customs compliance or regularity compliance problems that cause all sorts of difficulties—but if you build it properly, you can grow your company very quickly."

“Now, in the top hundred of our customers, probably 60 or 70 percent of those companies are rolling out every couple of months a new country or a new station. I was speaking to one of our customers the other day who’s opened up 30 locations in the last two years, and they say that the only way they could have done that is because of EDI Enterprise and its global capability. In fact, they’re telling their agents that no longer will they accept an agent in a foreign country unless they are on EDI Enterprise because the cost to their business of not having that integration, not having that efficiency, not having that compliance, is so large as to make it not worth having a partner. So they say it's either got to be this or nothing."

“Not every customer does that, most customers are a little bit gentler about those things, but we notice that customers that take the full model and roll it out, roll incredibly quickly. Customers that take just a piece of things and try to use the best-of-breed strategy, really struggle because best of breed seems good when you are doing it in your home territory but when you are going into every country, and trying to make this piece and that piece work in Brazil and then in Italy and then in South Africa, they are all incredibly complex. It's the complexity that defeats people, but what we do every day is to make complexity very simple and give it to you as a product that just works.”

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree,