Milton Keynes, UK, January 29, 2013 — CargoWise®, a global leader in technology solutions for logistics service providers (LSPs), announced the successful global rollout of ediEnterprise by international supply chain design and management provider World Transport Agency (WTA). 

The adoption of a cloud-based ediEnterprise database is a fundamental component of a transformation process designed to streamline the company’s operations, reduce costs and boost customer service on a global scale. 130 WTA staff members in six different cities are now working off a single centralized database, with plans to expand by an additional 20-30 staff, including those in the company’s Shanghai office. WTA plans to extend the system to remote workers as well. 

“Our first foray into CargoWise software was with our Chicago office, which began using ediEnterprise for U.S. Customs in 2011,” says Gerry Lawler, Managing Director of the WTA. “As the U.S. team gained experience working with CargoWise, it quickly became evident that we should seriously consider ediEnterprise for the wider group requirements.”

According to Lawler, WTA ultimately selected CargoWise over other software providers because of its capacity to centralize data from diverse departments on a single global database. As a result, the company will be able to streamline group operations, gain access to automatic software upgrades, and rely on the stability which comes with a widely-used and established software provider. 

“A fundamental reason for the WTA Group choosing CargoWise was the availability of the cloud platform, which fulfills what we were looking for in terms of 24/7 access and support, automatic upgrades, the usage based cost model, and the built-in resilience of a comprehensive disaster recovery model,” Lawler says. “To be honest, no other provider came close to fulfilling all of those criteria as strongly as CargoWise.”

CargoWise Vice President Business Development Europe, Simon Clark, says that ediEnterprise in the cloud will provide WTA staff access to a high level of business intelligence, which will ultimately empower them to exceed the expectations of their clients. 

“We’re delighted to have World Transport Agency take up a cloud-based ediEnterprise system, because it will have a significant positive impact on its productivity and provide a huge boost to the company’s capacity to operate across Europe, the USA and Asia,” says Clark. 

Media Contact:  Lisa Tree,