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Whether your focus is marketing, selling, technical, training, or collaboration, partnering with WiseTech Global (WTG) helps you succeed, with access to substantial and unique partnership options.

You will have access to partner-specific training, resources, and support to help you find new business opportunities and deliver more value to your customers. Co-branding, marketing, and lead generation programs are available to our WisePartners to help you promote your services and solutions and attract new business.

Certified by WiseTech Global. Preferred by Customers.

WiseTech Global is committed to delivering value to our community of partners, and we recognize that our partners invest time and resources in developing significant expertise in WiseTech Global products and solutions. We offer a number of ways for our partners to differentiate themselves through assessment of the partner’s level of competency and business success in specific areas. Partners select their level and type of engagement with WiseTech Global customers, and they can choose to become deep experts in a single area or offer a range of products and services.

Which Partner Program is for you?

I am interested in providing WiseBusiness Partner WiseService Partner WiseTechnical Partner WiseIndustry Partner WiseEducation Partner WiseReferral Partner
Consulting and Training   ✔        
Product sales ✔         ✔
Sales leads to WTG           ✔
Interface & EDI development   ✔        
Desktop and technical support     ✔      
Value to my industry network       ✔    
WTG product knowledge in my education courses          ✔   
Industry education & certification         ✔  

What services do you provide?

Consulting and Training
Product Sales
Sales leads to WTG
Interface & EDI development
Desktop and technical support
Value to my industry network
WTG product knowledge in my education courses; industry education & certification

Connecting Partners with Customers

All WisePartners are profiled in our WisePartner Directory. Whether WTG customers need help finding business solutions or installing, learning, integrating, or configuring our products, the WisePartner Directory helps them locate a partner with the right insight and knowledge.

No Partner Fees

WiseTech Global’s goal is to provide value to WTG customers and the industry together with WisePartners. There are no fees to join, participate, or obtain certification for WisePartners.


WisePartner Conference 2018


In November 2018, partners from across our global network met in Sydney, Australia for our most recent conference.


WisePartner Recruitment China


Discover new business opportunities in the Chinese market by participating in WiseTech Global’s expansion of their WisePartner Program.


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