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This program is designed for logistics networks consisting of independent forwarders and/or industry associations of forwarders, 3PLs, customs, warehousing, and transport service providers.

The CargoWise Industry Partner Program strengthens industry networks and associations by integrating its members’ operations and seamlessly linking export and import agents. The result is improved data efficiency, reduced data errors, and increased visibility across the entire network. Enhanced integration with customers and industry entities enables independent network members to:

  • Reduce data entry costs within network up to 90%
  • Reduce operational costs up to 70% while maximizing profitability
  • Significantly increase value provided to customers
  • Compete more effectively on a global level

CargoWise One enables network members to connect electronically to other industry entities - such as airlines, ocean carriers, railways, customs systems, government agencies, and port systems - as well as meet various global and regional compliance requirements.

Automated, real-time electronic data and documents integrate with a powerful web portal that includes track and trace capabilities in order to provide increased visibility. This enables the entire network to provide its clients with a new standard of service and compete effectively with multinational logistics providers.

CargoWise Industry Partner network members also benefit from exclusive CargoWise One discounts anddiscounted electronic data interchange between network members.

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