WiseTechnical Partner

Our WiseTechnical Partners are IT experts and technical service providers who assist our customers with their IT infrastructure needs to optimize their use of WiseTech Global (WTG) systems. As a WiseTechnical Partner, you will benefit from:

  • Fast track to more revenue
  • Leverage your deep technical experience and expertise with WTG products
  • Develop lasting business relationships and repeat engagements with WTG customers
  • Access to WTG Partner Portal for product, tailor-made training plans, and marketing materials
  • Direct hotline support
  • Sales and Marketing support:
    • Use of WTG lead generation program
    • Marketing support
    • Use of WTG Partner logos and co-branding opportunities
    • WTG Partner directory listing
    • Participation in Referral Program
  • No fees for joining, participation, training, and certification


As a WiseTechnical Partner, you will enjoy a wealth of new business opportunities and support from WTG, enabling you to increase revenue and expand your customer base. In return, WiseTechnical Partners are expected to have deep technology skills, including:

  • Experience in computer network routing, configuration, and troubleshooting
  • Experience in Windows 7 or later installation and management
  • Basic disaster recovery and continuity planning experience
  • Commit to training, marketing, and communication processes
  • Retain a dedicated Account Manager
  • Maintain the minimum number of WTG certified professionals
  • Follow WTG Branding and website guidelines

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