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AHS Consulting Inc. was originally established in Illinois in 2004 for retail/services and freight forwarding business consulting.  We have hands-on experience with WiseTech Global platforms since 2006 and officially started consulting for CargoWise One software in 2009. 

AHS Consulting now services all of the USA, Middle East, and Asia/Oceania in all CargoWise One modules. Our Freight Forwarding, Customs & Software experience, coupled with our diverse background, gives us an edge over others to service the different requirements of each country, across all cultural & customary barriers.

AHS's technical expertise goes beyond the regular requirement for day-to-day CargoWise One ERP customizations and use of .Net, SQL, ASP.Net, C#, VB, SMTP, Exchange and Active Directory. We can help with a variety of technical requirements including bespoke HTML, CSS, and JavaScript design and deployment services. We have developed numerous website pages along with mobile applications for our customers to make their businesses more fluid and easier to handle.

We also provide accounting and financial management/packages as an add-on to the Accounting module. We are a start-up freight forwarder' dream and a one stop shop for WiseTech Global training and support, reporting package and affordable website development.

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English, Hindi, Urdu
Asia/Oceania, Americas, Europe, Middle East
August 5, 2013

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"Highly professional and committed"

Our recent ediEnterprise to CargoWise One migration project showed AHS to be highly professional and committed to getting things done. They proved to have deep knowledge of the system, as well as knowledge of Forwarding and Warehousing practices (among others).

All in all, working with AHS has been very pleasant. These are very capable, knowledgeable and professional people. Swift and clear communication as well.

Airflo BV - December 2019

"Provide solutions for any request"

They are very prompt and provide solutions for any request. Charges are also reasonable.

Globelink - December 2019

"AHS was amazing to work with"

They have a diverse team of experts on hand to help with all issues and address any concerns.

C&D Logistics - December 2019

"AHS are a pleasure in which to work"

AHS delivered on-time, within budget, and are a pleasure in which to work.

ITG Transport - October 2019

"Communication and coordination with our AHS contact was at the highest level" 

AHS has a strong network of well trained staff for a wide variety of questions related to CW1 and works very solution oriented. The communication and coordination with our AHS contact (Amna Shah) was at the highest level. We would recommend using AHS as a consulting partner for CW1 trainings and solutions.

Cargo Partner - October 2019

"They are always willing to go above and beyond" 

We use AHS to help us develop and implement EDI integrations and customizations because they have a great working knowledge of not only the Cargowise system, but also the freight industry.  Working with a partner that understands our business environment helps avoid mistakes and complications during the implementation process.  AHS always makes sure we are satisfied with the end result before marking a project as complete.  They are always willing to go above and beyond to make sure projects are completed correctly and in a timely fashion.   

Perimeter Global Logistics - November 2019

"Project was completed on time and as expected" 

Project was completed on time and as expected.

R&L Global Logistics - November 2019

"Always available to provide prompt and detailed responses"

Working with AHS as we transitioned to CargoWise made the challenge a little less daunting. Their knowledge of CargoWise itself as well as the various aspects of our business (Freight Forwarding, Warehousing, Accounting) was invaluable.

As we approached the GoLive date and even now, several months later- it has been very reassuring to know that they are there, ready to help us avoid mistakes and answer our questions. Amna and her team are seemingly always available to provide prompt and detailed responses. I really can’t imagine having tried to transition to CargoWise without the support of AHS.

Ocean Transportation Services - November 2019