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BI Proex Limited

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BI Proex Limited specialises in developing analytics and business intelligence services, data modelling & transformation, ETL solutions, dashboard & reporting, advanced analytics, database migration & upgrades including mobile application customization and deployment.

Our consultants are from a myriad of backgrounds including logistics, WMS, Supply Chain Management, TMS, and Accounting.  We have consultants who possess localized knowledge of tax laws in the Middle East and India (including surrounding areas).


Services & Expertise

CargoWise One eAdapter services: We specialize in integrating legacy systems with CargoWise One through API services. As a result, we have gained rich experience in integrating third-party applications.

IceGate (Indian customs portal) integration: We have developed middleware to integrate IceGate with CargoWise One for customs clearance.

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) integration: We have developed middleware platforms to integrate TDS solutions (withholding tax) as an interface with CargoWise One for the Indian CargoWise One market.

Domain: BI Proex has professionals who specialize in providing domain-based technology solutions. We currently service the international supply chain, warehousing and integrated accounting markets.

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0 certified consultants
0 certified consultants
8 certified consultants
English, Hindi, Urdu
August 30, 2017

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Debabrata Banerjee


"The team was very helpful"

The team was very helpful and able to understand our requirements


Clarion Shipping Services LLC - December 2019 

"We recommend BI Proex strongly"

We recommend BI Proex strongly for integration and implementation Projects

Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo W.LL - November 2019

"Reccomend BI Proex very strongly for integration and accounting projects"

We recommend BI Proex very strongly for Integration and Accounting projects, they have good Domain knowledge of API integration and Accounts, they also have good knowledge of Forwarding.

Kailash Shipping Services - November 2019