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As a CargoWise Service Partner we are here to provide training, consultancy and integration services, both on and off site, anywhere in the World. We have a highly experienced hands on team that can help you analyse and optimise your business processes.

We can help you set up, configure and customise CargoWise One in the most productive way, helping you to optimise and standardise your business rules and processes in order to maximise productivity.

CargoWise One has an advanced workflow engine and a highly flexible registry – both of which we can help you with.

We provide full interface design and development services to link CargoWise One to your third party partners and systems. Interface design capability includes XML (including Universal / Shipment / Event XML), JSON and ediFact (UN / X12 / VDA).

We are experts in using the CargoWise One eAdaptor interfacing engine, and can design and develop integration services to financial control systems, customs systems,  port and airport systems, 3rd party logistics providers, transport management systems, courier systems, proof of delivery systems, track and trace systems, ERP systems etc.

We can also provide you with a report development service, including Doc Builder and Report Writer. We can help you with complex SQL based reports. We also have extensive HTML and HTML5 development capabilities and can help you with logos and personalisation.

CargoWise Certification

0 certified consultants
0 certified consultants
7 certified consultants
English, Arabic, Tagalog, Hindi
Europe, Asia/Oceania
February 6, 2017

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+63 2 310 0982

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