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Digital Catalyst

Digital Catalyst is an IT consulting and cloud solutions provider which formed in 2001.

As Wisetech Technical Partners, we have enormous depth with the solutions we can provide around your Cargowise platform and your IT infrastructure. We have worked with global brands and small customers alike in solving their IT requirements around the Wisetech ecosytem.

This includes setting up interfacing through eAdapter, messaging and queuing, data transformation services (uXML / EDIFACT / XML / JSON, and back), custom workflows, and tailored reporting systems.

We also assist clients with making the transition from EdiEnterprise up to CargowiseOne.

Our IT solutions extend to tailored web application development, ECMS and document collaboration, business workflow, website CMS and intranets, web services integration, CRM, security, platform hosting, disaster protection and backup, and managed email solutions.

We host, maintain and provide DR solutions around the systems we deliver to you.

For a holistic approach with a smorgasbord of options, please contact us today.

Joined: November 14, 2016

Certified Professionals: 3

Languages Supported: English

Regions of Operation: Asia/Oceania

Office Locations

Sydney, Australia
1300 724 440

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