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Lancia Consult

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Lancia Consult is a senior IT advisory consultancy, providing fresh perspectives and guidance for our clients based on world class systems integration delivery experience. Our objective is at all times to help our clients, their teams, and their vendors be successful with their complex IT programme deliveries.

We work with our clients to put in place strong, adaptable, and capable IT system architectures by bringing the relevant experience to bear. Lancia Consult has deep credentials in defining system architectures across multiple industry sectors. Coupled with this is our specific expertise in packaged, custom, technical infrastructure, and integration technologies.

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0 certified consultants
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English, Mandarin, French, German
Asia/Oceania, Europe
April 10, 2016
Office Locations
+65 6632 3596

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+49 40 3508 5282

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+44 20 3195 3941

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"Instrumental in defining and delivering our IT architecture"

LanciaConsult have been instrumental in defining and delivering our IT architecture, supporting our operations across the Asia Pacific region and enabling our ambitious growth strategy.  Their close partnership with WiseTech and the CargoWise One product is a critical factor in our success. 

TVS-Asianics Supply Chain Solutions- December 2019