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Positive Plus Computer

CargoWise Service Partner

Positive Plus Computer is a logistics and technology consulting firm that provides service and solutions to the logistics industry. Our vast knowledge of the logistics industry allows us to quickly assess and find solutions to common business complexities and problems. We have completed hundreds of implementation and training sessions using a proven go-live plan, with an extremely satisfied customer base. We handle planning, configuration, training and customizations. Our mission is to deliver on time, on budget, every time.


Services Provided:

  • Go-Live System Setup
  • End User Training
  • System Configuration
  • Staff Security Definition and Setup
  • Data Transformation and Import
  • Logo and Letterhead Design
  • Accounting Setup
  • Document Customization
  • Report Customization
  • Setup & Maintenance of Workflow

CargoWise Certification

0 certified consultants
0 certified consultants
2 certified consultants
December 19, 2012

Competencies (Certified/Gold/Platinum)

Office Locations

New York (USA)
+1 347 559 5509

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"Good partner"

My company has engaged Mohan for report customization in the Forwarding, Accounting and Job Costing areas of CargoWise One. We were introduced to him about two years ago by another CW user within our HTFN network of agents.  Mohan has been a good partner and provider in this specific area.

Ram International- December 2019

"Extremely professional and knowledgeable"

Extremely professional and knowledgeable of all aspects of the industry.

Logfret- December 2019

"Extended himself far beyond what he is expected to do"

I cannot begin to tell you just how easy Mohan Dipsingh made this process for me!!  His extensive knowledge and experience were key to helping us understand CargoWise. He has extended himself far beyond what he is expected to do, and without his continued support, I am not sure that we would be as comfortable with the system as we are!!  So very glad that Mohan was available when we began training and went "live".  He is a valuable asset to CargoWise and whoever he works with in the future!  I would and have recommended his services to other companies pondering CargoWise!!

BWI Corporation- December 2019

"Very thorough with the training and is patient with all trainees"

We are extremely satisfied with our CargoWise Partner Mohan Dipsingh with Positive Plus Computer LLC, as he is professional and extremely knowledgeable. Any issues that we came across while transitioning from our old software system, he immediately rectified the problem. He is very thorough with the training and is patient with all the trainees. We highly recommend Mohan to anyone that is making the move to CargoWise.

HW St John & Company- December 2019