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Soft Freight Logic

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SFL - Your Logistics Ecosystem!

Soft Freight Logic (SFL) is an innovative company founded in 2010 that specializes in technology and training solutions exclusively for the logistics industry. Over the last 8 years we have created an ecosystem centred around CargoWise One platform, which has allowed us to perfect our customers’ digital experiences. Our current portfolio of services includes our partnerships with WiseTech Global (Service Partner, Business Partner), our proprietary middleware (for connecting ERPs), the CargoTech Alliance freight network & the Logivity Digital Marketing initiative.

Comprised of an ever-expanding team of talented and diligent individuals situated at our offices in the United Kingdom, India, South Africa and Sri Lanka, we cater to the constantly growing demands of our customers globally.

As industries continue to transform, logistic companies are engaged in a technology race and our goal is to give you access to a strategic partner that provides tailor made solutions through the fusion of technology & training.

We believe that the services presently offered in the international logistics space are disjointed & our service portfolios themed - Collaborate, Educate & Integrate are carefully constructed through extensive experience across a wide range of businesses to address this gap.

CargoWise Certification

19 certified consultants
3 certified consultants
12 certified consultants
English, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese
Asia/Oceania, Europe, Americas, Africa
February 22, 2017

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Office Locations
+91 9632022225

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Vinod Edathodi

+94 773219958

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Kalim Iqbal

+55 19 99984 4055

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Paulo Rocha

+91 9632022225

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Satheesh Kumar
+60 102208752


Improved effeciency of the users.

Excellent Service and introduced new features of CargoWise One.

HTL Logistics

The team at Softfreight Logic are very responsive and committed to the success of the project.

MAIA Global