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ATMS International fzco

ATMS is one of the leading implementers of supply chain systems in the Middle East and Asia. ATMS has over 25 years of focused experience in providing systems and services to freight forwarders, third party logistics providers and also manufacturing and distribution companies. We have offices in Dubai and Manila.

We have extensive in house technical skills for the design and development of interfaces and mobile solutions that complement WiseTech products. We also have in-depth consulting and training resources and have helped many companies go live successfully and rapidly with ediEnterprise.

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+44 121 696 4784

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+63 2 310 0982

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e-Novator is a next-generation entrepreneurial startup, which provides innovative & collaborative IT tools and solutions to the logistics and transportation industry. With our highly skilled team of enterprise architects and BPM experts, located in one of the most cost-competitive locations in Europe, we make sure our customers get the right solution quickly at reasonable budget. Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, we provide services to businesses of all sizes and in different locations across the globe.

Our strengths lie in our innovative thinking and vast knowledge of the industry solutions globally. Combining our know-how with the enthusiasm, determination, and dedication of our proficient team we deliver a comprehensive range of superior services such as:

  • Cloud, Mobile, Social and Big Data solutions
  • Data capture, integration and ETL
  • Business intelligence and analysis
  • BPM - process capture and design
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Hosted collaborative communication services
  • Expertise in a wide range of HTML areas

Being committed to our customers’ long-term success, we constantly perform quality monitoring of our methodologies, provide 24/7 support, and deliver value that helps business owners reduce their operational complexity and boost their business performance.

What makes great sense to partner with us is our constant pursuit of innovation and excellence, which guarantee that we always deliver the most advanced and efficient solutions to the market.

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Sofia, Bulgaria

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+359 2 446 3361

RBC Group

RBC Group is among the leading IT-consulting companies across the CIS region, with six offices across Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. RBC Consultants’ customer relationships are based on long-term co-operation in the field of consulting, implementation, support, and development of state-of-the-art enterprise management solutions based on ERP and BI systems.

The RBC Group mission lies in identifying and utilizing their customers’ unique competitive advantages using modern approaches to business management based on the best-in-class information systems.

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Eastern Europe
+38 044 206 01 94

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Tokema International

Tokema International is a global supply chain consultancy firm registered in London, United Kingdom and dedicated to supporting customers’ expansion and optimisation projects.

We combine deep industry expertise with personal service and a commitment to ethical values and our services to logistics service providers and freight forwarders include IT management projects and operations efficiency improvement programs to increase profitability and customer satisfaction.

We deliver our services across EMEA but support our customers also in other regions such as Asia to implement their worldwide projects.

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