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WorkVentures is the oldest social enterprise in Australia focusing on technology training for the disadvantaged, hence our tag line:  ‘social inclusion through technology’.  Our primary objective is to help create sustainable outcomes for marginalized individuals and communities by providing them with access to technology, new skills and employment opportunities to improve their lives. We have been running for 35 years and operate a technology repair facility which has been partnering with organizations like IBM and Microsoft for over 25years. We are also a Registered Training Organization (RTO) and support young people to achieve a nationally recognized qualification whilst gaining invaluable on the job work experience either in our repair center or with one of our network of host employers.

At last count, WorkVentures have positively impacted the lives of over 235,000 people, giving them a hand up into the job market and/or skills to help navigate over the digital divide. We support the ‘geeks that get left behind’.

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