Partner Programs

Hundreds of CargoWise Partners worldwide are dedicated to helping you leverage the value of CargoWise One and effectively use it to improve the productivity of your business. Our partners are companies with a strong commitment to the logistics and technology industries, who provide certified consulting, education, technical, integration, and training services in various markets:

WiseBusiness Partner

CargoWise Business Partners are authorized to sell CargoWise One in specific markets. Our CargoWise Business Partners have a deep understanding of regional industry and compliance challenges.

WiseService Partner

CargoWise Service Partners provide consulting, configuration and training services for CargoWise One through a network of highly skilled Certified Service Professionals with extensive experience and expertise in CargoWise One. CargoWise Service Partners can achieve Certified, Gold or Platinum status within a number of competencies.

WiseTechnical Partner

CargoWise Technical Partners provide development integration capability, IT infrastructure support and other technical services through a network of highly skilled Certified Technical Professionals who are trained and certified to assist CargoWise One customers.

WiseIndustry Partner

CargoWise Industry Partners are global and regional logistics and freight forwarding agent networks, associations, and professional organizations with a reputation for excellence and highly engaged members. CargoWise Industry Partner networks have deep and trusted connections within the logistics, shipping, domestic transport, warehousing, or freight forwarding sectors.

WiseEducation Partner

CargoWise Education Partners provide classroom training, knowledge assessments, and certification services for CargoWise One. This program also provides an opportunity for Educational Institutions (Universities, Technical Colleges, and RTOs) to use CargoWise One for educational purposes.

CargoWise Partner Conference 2018


In November 2018, partners from across our global network met in Sydney, Australia for our most recent conference.