Customer relationship management system

The CargoWise One platform includes powerful tools for marketing and managing existing customers. This includes a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) system.

CargoWise One’s integrated solution has a centralized customer database at its core. It can help manage customer relationships, campaigns, opportunities, commission agreements, and sales activities.

Campaign management

CargoWise One can provide up-to-date communications with sales teams, prospects, customers, suppliers, and business partners. It can integrate and track client communications and sales activity in one place.

The single platform system can also help target campaigns by segmenting database information. With sales leads and opportunity tracking, campaign results can be analyzed. This can shed light on what sales tactics work best.

Opportunity value analysis

CargoWise One can help estimate the value of sales opportunities. Sales performance can be compared with the longer-term delivery of services to your customers.

Integrated sales activities

When a lead turns into a sales opportunity, the system can automatically convert the record accordingly in the CRM. Then, follow-up tasks can be allocated and automatically added to employees’ Microsoft Outlook calendars.

When it comes time to give a customer a detailed offer, value estimations can be converted into a quotation with the click of a mouse.

CargoWise One also includes a comprehensive commission management system. This links sales opportunities with service delivery and revenue generation. A broad range of reporting options enable the measurement of sales staff performance as well.

CRM Overview

CargoWise One’s integrated Customer Relationship Manager has all the tools you need to capture and analyze your sales data so you can effectively take every new opportunity and turn it into new business.

Productivity Overview

A brief overview of the ways that CargoWise One makes your logistics operations more productive.

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