Enterprise Capabilities

CargoWise One is not only the smart solution for supply chain operations, it also takes care of the day-to-day logistics of running a business too. It’s packaged with a comprehensive suite of enterprise-class tools designed to streamline your business for smoother operations throughout all of your essential activities. From accounting to document management, sales and marketing to efficient workflow processes, CargoWise One is the total solution for integrating your departments business-wide.

Accurate, Automatic, and Secure Accounting

Eliminate errors, minimize miscalculations, and never miss a payment again. CargoWise One’s powerful accounting functions manage your invoicing, receivables, payables, cashbook, job costing, and general ledger data via its single-platform system.

Automated costing and invoicing based on agreed client rates and time frames, as well as automatic accruals and work-in-progress practices, ensure operational costs are always taken into account and profits are never overstated.

With its revenue recognition functionality, the automated, tax compliant statement delivery system eliminates the need to run manual statements. Its advanced debt collection function sends documents, displays outstanding balance information and call history, and creates follow up reminders that link directly to MS Outlook, all with a few clicks of a button. For further financial security, the system’s audit logging capabilities maintain the integrity of your accounting data.

Your company's current, financial position is always visible with CargoWise One's customizable reporting capabilities. Track the performance of your individual branches, whether interstate or overseas, and analyze your actual financial performance against your projected earnings or against that of previous years.

Integrated Communication Throughout Your Business

To operate successfully in a global industry, you must have the capability to communicate with business partners and operations worldwide. Whether your business is large or small, complex or compact, CargoWise One grants you access to a comprehensive suite of integrated data messaging to link your business with the global supply chain.

As a single-platform system, CargoWise One lets all your business departments work from the same page. Its enterprise-to-enterprise (E2E) capabilities provide the perfect solution to integrate your business’s electronic data with customers and global partners across the logistics community for whom CargoWise One is the supply chain system of choice. Together, you and your network gain an out-of-the-box solution for easy electronic data integration and more productive communication with one another, no matter where in the world you’re operating.

Advanced electronic integration is vital for a strong supply chain, but many smaller businesses lack the in-house expertise to make the most of the technology. For these customers, CargoWise One offers eHub: a simple and flexible solution that connects CargoWise One users with trading partners not using the CargoWise One system. Our expert eHub team handles all the setup, mapping, and maintenance, meaning no additional hardware or software investments for you. And because your eHub data is delivered through our WiseCloud data network, you’ll have the security of knowing your connections are safe, stable, and reliable.

For those businesses with  dedicated in-house software development teams, CargoWise One provides a flexible eAdaptor service for self-managed system integration. eAdaptor integrates CargoWise One with your other internal or external systems (or those of trading partners), all tailored to your own needs and specifications. A comprehensive Software Development Kit, with sample programs written in C# .Net, will kick-start your development; and eAdaptor’s WCF Web Service technology means your team can use your preferred protocol to communicate with full control over messaging middleware.

Improved Sales, Marketing, and CRM Performance

CargoWise One not only gives you extensive options for managing existing customers, it also provides powerful sales and marketing features that make securing new business easier. The integrated solution manages customer relationships, campaigns, opportunities, and sales activities, and its in-depth quotation and rating system streamlines all steps in the sales and marketing process.

CargoWise One empowers you to manage campaigns and provide up-to-date communications to your sales team, prospects, customers, suppliers, and business partners. It integrates and tracks all your client communications and sales activity and allows you to target your campaigns by segmenting your database information. Easily analyze the results of each marketing campaign to discover what works and what doesn't with sales leads and opportunity tracking. A broad range of reporting options enable you to measure staff sales performance too.

When a lead turns into a sales opportunity, simply convert the record and start tracking your sales representative's activities. Follow-up tasks such as phone calls and appointments can then be allocated and automatically added to MS Outlook.

For rapid and productive sales and marketing management, CargoWise One also includes a comprehensive quotation system linked to the rating system, meaning you can specify client rates simply by placing a mark-up on your buy rates. All rates, company tariffs and quotations can then be managed through a centralized online system, so costing and invoices can be issued with ease and accuracy.

Centralized Human Resource System for Staff Management and Recruitment

A business is only as good as its people, so CargoWise One includes an HR solution for the effective management of your most valuable asset: your employees.

The integrated Human Resources Management (HRM) system provides you with a centralized staff and resource database where you can securely record, maintain, and access your employee data. Keep track of contact information, banking details, and annual leave, as well as licenses, certifications, and accreditations. The system also gives you the ability to monitor your staff’s security access and activities within CargoWise One.

CargoWise One features a number of recruitment tools that help you find your employees of the future. You can run, manage, and publish job campaigns and current vacancies through an online portal, which can accept applications directly to the system from candidates. When applicants apply through CargoWise One, you can capture all their important details – including uploaded résumés – to provide you with a comprehensive history of all job applicants for past and future reference.

To help identify the most suitable applicants, CargoWise One lets you create job skill accreditation tests for preliminary filtering. For successful candidates, you can create a library of training materials, videos, and exams in an online learning portal so your new staff have all the information they need to get up to speed quickly.

More Effective Workflow Management

A successful supply chain business needs to deliver client-customized processes in a production-line environment. CargoWise One has been designed to give you a simplified, step-by-step system to overcome this core conflict for more streamlined shipments that meet the all your customers’ requirements.

CargoWise One is a supply chain management and dispatch scheduling solution designed to map and control standard processes, while allowing individual customer desires to be configured on a case-by-case basis. Featuring a comprehensive and sophisticated range of functions within a user-friendly design, CargoWise One provides you with the ability to monitor and control the planning and execution of events across your entire operation.

Create and configure tasks, supply-chain milestones, and exceptions; record, manage and display tasks; and configure triggers to perform actions when events occur. Simply enter the details, define the individual tasks and critical dates, and let CargoWise One will do the rest, automatically scheduling all brokerage, shipping, warehousing, and cartage activities as required.

With high levels of automation and an exception-driven approach to critical supply chain milestones, you can more efficiently plan and execute tasks which not only meet but exceed customer service promises. With CargoWise One’s cloud-based, single-platform system, your information only needs to be entered once to be accessible organization-wide, in every department, in every branch, anywhere in the world.

Electronic Document Management Across Your Global Operations

CargoWise One frees your from stacks of paper and folders by giving you a centralized, cloud-based document management system for all your important information. By storing documents electronically, your business will be able to eliminate the need to track down and archive paper documents, saving you space, time, and resources as well as ensuring your vital data never goes missing.

Documents stored in CargoWise One are integrated with all of the associated and relevant shipments, orders, products, and other operations, all from one, easy-to-find location. Your eDocs are an electronic representation of traditional physical documents and can contain one or multiple pages. They can be scanned in from a paper hard copy, imported from a computer hard drive, or simply dragged and dropped from an email.

By centralizing these documents online, your information can be quickly accessed across your entire operation whenever and wherever it’s needed. Documents can be viewed by multiple parties to free up operational bottlenecks – such as having different departments needing the same document at the same time – while errors and unnecessary duplications can be avoided as your whole operation begins to work from the same (paperless) page.

Enterprise Capabilities

CargoWise One is a single-platform software solution that offers powerful enterprise features like Accounting, CRM, and HR.

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