Tariffs and Rates

Easily manage your costings, contracts and quotes

CargoWise One is designed to help manage your different costing contracts, company tariffs, or specific client rates, keeping you competitive and helping to grow your customer base and revenue - whether it’s by running off a quick spot quote, or building a complex bid for multiple lanes of business. The costing module gives operators the tools to enter the buy rates for any specific service providers, including shipping lines, airlines, and local transport companies, giving visibility to all who have access.

Build fast, accurate quotes for increased visibility

Operators can easily build a sophisticated quotation pack that includes coversheets, pricing pages, recommended agents, and terms & conditions. This information is all kept in a central location that not only increases visibility among different departments, but allows for quotations to be carefully monitored or adjusted. When the quote is accepted, an operator can immediately convert it into a set of client rates, eliminating any double entry. Additionally, this information can then be used to automatically rate individual quotes or shipments.

Increase efficiency, accuracy and productivity

No matter how complex a tariff structure may be, with CargoWise One’s Autorating function, you can easily store, maintain, and update all your Buy and Sell Rates, then instantly apply them to transactions. By setting up all of your Client-specific rates, vendor costings, and standard Company Tariffs within CargoWise One, you’ll be ready for any price fluctuations in the future.

Company Tariffs and Client Rate functionality

Remove operator error and make sure your profit targets are being achieved by establishing Company Tariff and Client Rates.

Company tariffs - which can be applied to multiple sets of clients - can be set up with your company’s typical sell rates, such as standard rates for your most frequent trade routes. Multiple tariff levels can also be created for the different categories and rate structures that are unique to your business.

Client rates allow operators to enter agreed charges for individual clients, providing a centralized area where existing rates can be stored, updated and easily accessed. Operators can quickly view existing client rates that match the rate entry or trade lane specifications, giving them a baseline for when new rates are needed.

Single sign on integration with CargoSphere

CargoWise One gives users the ability to manage complex and ever changing carrier rates, providing seamless integration that enables the execution of those rates to optimize margins and routes to match the demands of your customers’ supply chains.



CargoSphere Announces Rate Integration and Single Sign On with CargoWise One

CargoWise One users gain access to CargoSphere ocean rates ecosystem and direct carrier connections.

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