3rd Party Carrier Optimization

Optimized road transportation management from CargoWise

WiseTech Global has partnered with 3Gtms for the optimized management of road shipments with 3rd party carriers

Road Transport Optimization

How 3rd party carrier optimization will save costs for you and keep your customers happy

Manually managing road freight is expensive and not scalable

Manually planning, booking, tracking, billing, paying, and auditing road freight is time consuming, expensive, and prone to errors leading to service level failures. Even experienced staff can sub-optimally route, select carriers, and miss opportunities for pooling and consolidation. This is complicated further when real-world problems hit and staff struggle to re-plan in real time. This all results in unnecessarily high costs to manage your road freight and a lack of control and visibility in CargoWise.


Do you need an automated solution for managing your road freight?

Your business would benefit with an enterprise-level TMS if you

  • Deal with multiple 3rd party carriers
  • Spend more than $10 million per year with 3rd party carriers
  • Move more than 40% of your road freight with 3rd party carriers

In addition, this solution would be valuable if you have complicated routing requirements and your business requires continuous pool optimization.

The more freight you manage, the greater the opportunity for optimization and cost savings

Move more of your customer’s freight for less cost

CargoWise and 3Gtms bring automation to your road freight operations so you can meet the demands of your modern customers while also lowering your costs. By shifting the management of your road freight from your staff to our joint TMS you can scale up your operations without increasing operational overhead.

  • Lower your costs through optimized routes and plans
  • Take advantage of consolidation opportunities
  • Automatically select the best rates and carriers for the load
  • Get more from what you pay to 3rd party carriers
  • Grow, gain, and retain more customers by offering real-time visibility, the highest DIFOT levels, and competitive rates
  • Easily manage your carriers and rates
  • Tender and book with carriers automatically
  • Free up time to scale your business


What would it mean for your business if you reduced your costs while managing more freight?

Road Transport Optimization

How 3rd party carrier optimization will save costs for you and keep your customers happy

Save your 3rd party carrier costs

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