Liner and Agency

Whether you’re a shipping agent or shipping line, CargoWise puts the software solution for managing shipments for multiple principals at your fingertips. All operations are consolidated into one cloud-based system so your shipments run smoothly from port to port. Integrated sailing schedules and space allocations, bookings and bills of lading, container control and detention, accounting, and automated data exchange provide the functionality, visibility, and automation necessary to manage seamless shipments on a global scale.

Advanced Automation for Agencies

The integrated nature of CargoWise One supports multiple principals and handles all import, export, trans-shipment, and domestic requirements for all types of shipments and cargo. The system allows you to meet the individual needs and reporting requirements of multiple shipping lines while automating and integrating processes for faster and more efficient services.

Global Visibility for Principals

CargoWise One enhances visibility of bookings and container locations for principals across the globe. Integrated B2E electronic messaging capabilities connect you with local customs and port authorities, while full accounting, tracking, auto rating, and CRM functionality means you can manage and view the status of your shipments worldwide.

Streamlined Operations for Smoother Shipments

For both principals and agencies, CargoWise One’s integrated solution streamlines operational processes, strengthens data integrity, minimizes keystrokes, and maximizes operator productivity. The cloud-based system integrates data across your entire operation, allowing you to manage your workflow, auto-generate notifications, and receive alerts if milestones aren’t met. By reducing the time for repetitive and routine processes, your business increases the focus on what matters most: managing freight.

Detailed Documentation Configurable to Meet Your Needs

Arrival notices, bills of lading, booking confirmations, delivery orders, manifests, and more. CargoWise One’s comprehensive set of documents covers all aspects of a shipping company's needs. Every document can be customized to suit your corporate brand then delivered in bulk through automated processes.

Improved Integration for Clearer Communication

Manage your shipments on a single global database. Integrate electronic data throughout your business so every aspect of your operation is on the same page. With CargoWise One you have the ability to exchange electronic data with multiple organizations – such as customs, port authorities, depots, terminals, domestic transport providers, customers, principals, and agents – quickly and clearly for more efficient operations.

Easy Bookings and Bills of Lading

Whether it’s a full container load, roll-on/roll-off, break bulk, or bulk cargo, creating a booking is quick and easy with CargoWise One. It displays a simple interface to manage bookings with allocation control, documentation, and container tracking functions as well as auto-rating jobs that include company tariff, clients’ special rates, and quotes. CargoWise One converts bookings to bills of lading with a single click.

Clever Container Management and Detention

CargoWise One features the functionality you need to track and control containers, both on and off-vessel. Manage your container stock in multiple locations. Ensure containers are returned on time and are available for export. Receive electronic gate in/gate out and load/discharge events. Track movements and receive discrepancy alerts. Should containers be delayed, returned unshipped, loaded on a different voyage, or need repositioning at a customer’s request, you stay in control of the situation with CargoWise One. By allowing you to automatically issue detention reminder letters and pro-forma detention invoices, CargoWise One makes costs clearer for your customers, and container chasing a thing of the past for you.

Accurate Principal Accounting

CargoWise One’s extensive voyage accounting features will keep track of costs. Its multi-currency accounting capabilities estimate and manage expenses and revenue by port and process supplier. It displays full vessel reconciliation and voyage disbursements, resulting in accurate and efficient financial reports. CargoWise One also lets you record sundry charges related to operations as well as charges not directly related to a voyage such as telecommunication expenses, insurance rebates, and storage charges. With these comprehensive accounting reports, you can clearly outline trading statements for specified periods of time. This helps agents settle their accounts with principals and helps principals overview their operational profit and loss, minimizing revenue leakage for both you and your clients.

Liner and Agency Overview

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Productivity Overview

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